yoga internationalChoosing a few good fitness magazine subscriptions to help you become more healthy can be hard for both men and women, but doing so can give you or a friend a constant year long source of inspiration to reach your goals. Even if you go to a gym, I recommend subscribing to at least one quality publication so you can still learn at home. It really does make a difference for us folks that need some motivation to keep going.

Although I have tried to organize the periodicals below, one could make an argument on some of these titles being for one gender or the other. Just because you feel a certain publication is geared toward women doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of useful information for men and vice versa, so keep an open mind.

Overall Fitness and Well Being

Fitness Magazine Subscriptions for General Health and Wellness

Experience Life: A really unique magazine that empowers readers to lead a more balanced and authentic life.
Whole Living: Meditation and new age thinking.
Prevention: Covers everything from health to fitness to the latest medical advances.
Tathaastu: A solid magazine on holistic living. Covers spirituality, meditation, Feng Shui and more.
Eating Well: Full of delicious and nutritious recipes and ideas.
Vegetarian Times: Good for both full-time and part-time vegetarians.

Best Fitness Magazine Subscriptions for Menmens fitness magazine

Men’s Health: Covers everything from fitness to relationships to style.
Men’s Fitness: Articles focus on all aspects of being a man, not just weightlifting.
Backpacker: A subscription to this magazine would be perfect for someone who liked the outdoors.
Fitness Rx For Men: Focuses on scientific cutting edge research to improve training.
Maximum Fitness: A magazine focused mainly on fitness and health.
Outside: Great for those who want to lead an active lifestyle. Delves into the more adventurous ways of becoming more fit.

Best Fitness Magazine Subscriptions for Women

Self: Has articles on fitness, health, nutrition, beauty and style that directly affect single women of today.
Oxygen: Best for those that are serious about staying in shape.
Weight Watchers: Good for those interested in a healthier lifestyle.
Shape: A lot of exercises shown in the magazine make use of equipment that most people only find in a gym.
Women’s Health: Similar to Men’s Health but geared toward women.
Health: A good magazine for those that have come to realize that being healthy plays a huge role in being happy. Not as hard core as similar fitness magazines.

Specialized Fitness Activities

Fitness Magazine Subscriptions for Yoga Enthusiasts

Yoga Journal: Accessible to both the beginner and advanced practitioner.
Yoga International: Covers all aspects of yoga, not just the physical.
LA Yoga: Is free at selected locations in Los Angeles and Southern California.
Yoga and Health: Europe’s leading independent magazine on the subject.
Yoga Magazine: A guide to yoga and natural living.

Fitness Magazine Subscriptions for Bodybuilders

Muscle & Fitness Hers: A serious workout magazine for ladies.
Muscle & Fitness: A little bit more mainstream than its competitors.
Flex: Covers not only the exercises to help you compete in bodybuilding, but also covers the sport itself.
Iron Man: All about bodybuilding, power lifting and weightlifting.
MILO: A publication for serious strength athletes such as strongman, power lifting and arm wrestling. This one is not cheap and quite different from the normal magazines you see on weight lifting.running times

Fitness Magazine Subscriptions for Runners

Running Times: A publication that is aimed at the more serious runner.
Trail Runner: This magazine is all about the off road running and adventure racing community (which for some reason isn’t as popular today).
Runner’s World: A publication that is aimed more at the recreational runner.
Triathlete: Contains lots of training and racing tips on running as well as swimming and cycling.

Fitness Magazine Subscriptions for Cyclists

VeloNews: Not only covers nutrition and training tips but also the sport of bicycling itself.
Bicycling: Plenty of tips to increase strength, speed, stamina, etc.
Bicycle Times: Aimed more toward ordinary people who bicycle for fun and enjoyment.
Mountain Bike Action: Covers everything about this growing obsession including the technical and fitness aspects of it.

When someone finally decides to do something about being out of shape and realize just how important being physically fit is they often look for a good magazine they can subscribe to. The list of fitness magazines above are a great starting point for anyone looking for such a subscription. As always feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section below. Keep in mind that there are plenty of alternative magazine choices if you don’t want to use the above suggestions.

Best Magazine Subscriptions for Women

Best Magazine Subscriptions for Men

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