Working out in order to get a flatter stomach can sometimes exacerbate the problem of belly fat.

This is because the stomach reacts to the pressures that one had just subjected it to. When one sweats out his stomach, it reacts by needing more food intake.

This reaction is natural because the body needs to replace those needed energy and that it needs it to form more muscles. But since, the stomach is the priority of the body where to store fats from the food we eat, it grows bigger as fats accumulate and the muscles grow.

Hence, it is important aside from the continuous workout, one should also observe the proper flat stomach diet plan to complement his workout.

What is a perfect flat stomach diet? It is a diet which is specifically designed to address the issues on belly fat. It is a plan that will help the burning of fats faster while at the same time helps build and shape muscles giving the dieter a firmer look.

Most often, diet plans require you to cut off intake of calories to get rid of fats but it is also at the expense of loss of muscle mass.

The loss of muscle mass will not help in getting flatter stomach because metabolism of these unwanted fats is now slower with lesser muscle. And you know for a fact that depriving yourself of good food for a long time is not good.

More or less, you are bound to give it up. And if this happens, more stubborn belly fats will take over.

One who is under a flat stomach diet should observe the following:

1. Say no to processed foods and dairy;

2. Fish oil supplements or flaxseed oil is a good way to get healthy fats;

3. Eat only egg whites in the morning and steamed milkfish without any preservatives for lunch.

4. Increase intake of fresh vegetables, leafy green ones should be preferred.

5. Do not eat too much carbohydrates at night and eat dinner at least three hours before going to bed.

6. It is not wrong to eat dessert sometime but always in moderation.

7. If you think you've eaten too much food that day, burn it the next day with rigorous workout.

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