Cebu Pacific Airlines
Credit: Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific Airlines - Dancing Girls

Cebu Pacific Airlines serves the lovely islands of the Philippines and the lovely people of those islands with domestic and international flights.  On this Cebu Pacific flight the lovely ladies of Cebu Pacific demonstrate very important safety features of the aircraft in a way that actually causes passengers to pay attention.  Yup, it is hot in the Philippines, even in the skies!  Come on, let's dance! Oh and could you run that safety demonstration again please? 

Air New Zealand - Flight Crew with Nothing to Hide

This controversial ad promoted airfares with "nothing to hide" but ohhh ya, the ladies sure seem to enjoy examining those Air New Zealand flight crews in body paint.  They are so helpful, always smiling and built to fly. Who could complain, seriously?  As the old lady says "I do love a man in uniform."

Canadian Comedian Takes to the Skies

Rick Mercer is not actually flight crew, but the Canadian comedian did join WestJet for a day in Calgary, Alberta. The airline has a well deserved reputation for having fun in the skies, and Rick just plays it up a little more.  Some of the jokes are Canadian centric but even Americans should get the gist.

The flight from Calgary to Edmonton is only 45 minutes, including boarding, take-off, flight time, and landing, so if you are planning to use the lavatory you better be quick!  

Finn Air Goes Bollywood

To celebrate India's 63rd Republic Day, this Finn Air crew went totally Bollywood.  Kind of strange seeing blond Scandinavians dressed in Indian saris and dancing Bollywood style, but a lot of fun too.  The flight was a New Delhi-bound from Helsinki.

Flight attendant Helena Kaartinen came up with the idea and recruited crew members for twice-weekly dance rehearsals led by a former flight attendant who teaches Bollywood dance in Mumbai. "It was a good way to show respect," she told The New York Times.

Want to Marry a Southwest Pilot?

An interesting and somewhat generic marriage proposal coming into LAX!  Is this guy lonely?  Maybe he saw a particularly attractive young lady boarding the plane?  Pretty funny regardless of the back story.

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