Finding the best floor mop for hardwood floors will help you maintain an irresistible appearance on your floor surface for many years to come. Hardwood really isn't very hard to clean. Compared to carpets, and other surfaces in your home, it is one of the easier things to clean. If you have the right floor mop for job, and the right cleaning ingredients, then there shouldn't be a reason why your hardwood surfaces won't look a day old 20 years down the road. Just like most things, it depends how well you take care of them. If you're shopping for the best type of mop for hardwood surfaces, take a look down below on what to find online. Also there's a few tibits to ensure that you're cleaning your hardwood floors the correct way. Hardwood floors can be sensitive to a lot moisture.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Finding good mops are one thing. Your standard mops will work to clean hardwood floor surfaces. However, what to use to clean hardwood floors is a little different than other surfaces in your home. Some people like to use vinegar, but vinegar might eat away at the wood. Vinegar has acid in it. Sometimes just cleaning your floor with a damp mop can do the trick. If it's just a regular clean, then a damp mop of water is that's really needed. Whatever you do, you want to be careful not to use a lot of moisture, since that can cause warping.

One of the recommended cleaning appliances for hardwood floors would be Murphy's oil soap. It's design specifically to clean hardwood surfaces. Murphy's oil soap can clean any type of wood surface. If you need something more thorough for cleaning, then it is perfect for removing stains. However, the best way to clean stains is by using steam cleaners. Steam safely removes any stains without damaging the wood. Heat is the most effective way to eliminate allergens in homes as well.

A good hardwood mop cleaner will usually come with a polish cleaner design specifically for cleaning sealed hardwood surfaces. It's important to keep hard surfaces dust and dirt free. Always vacuum or sweep before you start mopping first. Mopping should be done maybe once a week. If you can eliminate dust and dirt, you'll prevent scratched appearances. 

The Best Floor Mops for Hard Surfaces

Bona Kemi Floor Mops - Bona Kemi might be the best mop for hardwood floor surfaces to buy online. It's a little expensive. However, if you want to clean your hardwood floors the right way, then this is one of the best floor mops to purchase to eliminate dust, dirt, and bacteria from your house. It's design specifically as a hardwood mop cleaner, but it can also clean laminated floors, ceramic tile, vinyl, sealed marble and sealed granite. It's a microfiber spray mop that's safe to use. Everything you need to clean hardwood floors is available with this product. It should buff out food stains, remove dust, and dirt effectively. It's one of the best, and you can buy online for a great discount. Normally this product costs $50 dollars. You can purchase online at amazon for a cheaper price. If you need a refill on the bona hardwood cleaner, then you can purchase online at ace hardware hotline and hardwood cleaner resources.


Bona Microfiber Floor Mop
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(price as of Dec 22, 2015)

Kahrs Hardwood Floor Care Kit - Microfiber pads are the best mops to use any for hardwood surfaces. They're best non-steam ones that are safe to use for hard surfaces. Microfiber pads are very soft, and shouldn't cause any scratches when used for cleaning and removing stains. Hahrs makes a pretty good mop cleaner. The care kit comes with a mop, microfiber pad, pole, floor cleaner, and floor protectors. It's probably the best type of mop to use for hardwood stains. It will remove tough stains, food spills, and the floor cleaner is environment friendly for maintaining a clean, and breathable atmosphere in homes. Prices aren't too high. It only costs about $30 dollars online online at, and floor guy.

Reliable T1 Steam Floor Mop - Many experts feel that steam mops are the best ways to clean stains off  of hardwood. They're basically the best way to clean any surface. If there are really tough stains on your hardwood surfaces, then the best way to remove them is with steam. The Reliable T1 Steam Floor Mop is one of the best to use for hard surfaces. Two cloth paths are included. It works great on slate, marble, tile, and ceramic floors as well. Features include a 3.3 cup water capacity, 180 degree swivel heads, 16 foot electrical cord, and 11 inch clearing path. No chemicals are added. You can purchase online at amazon. This is a pretty expensive product, though. It costs just slightly under a hundred dollars.

Reliable Steamboy T1 Steam Floor Mop
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