Speedo Hyperfluid Mask

Here are a just a handful of suggestions to get your Florida diving adventure underway!


Hog Heaven

The sinking of the Hog Heaven barge, located slightly north of Port Everglades Inlet, provides divers with a fun and safe maze of passageways, inviting openings and exciting swim-throughs. At just 70 feet, the wreck is easily accessible and is always surrounded by colorful fish, uniquely formed coral and large sea fans. To ensure that you’re always spotted by surrounding boats when at the surface and when surveying the area by snorkel, strap on the AquaSpotter by Goat Gear. This revolutionary device provides visibility to open water swimmers without adding drag.

The Sky Cliff

Like an upright monument honoring the ship that she once was, the wreck at Sky Cliff consists of a 320-foot long vessel rising almost 200 feet perfectly vertical from the ocean floor. This wonderment remains a favorite among divers and with just one visit you’re sure to be spellbound by the sight as well. Because the wreck is so close to the shore, near Boynton Beach, the visibility of the wreck is always amazing. Divers are treated to lush growths of sponges, corals, and sea fans that are rarely seen in abundance elsewhere. Because the dive can go quite deep, many divers like the help of equalizing assistance from vented earplugs. Doc’s ProPlugs are one of the few designs that help keep water out of the ear canal while helping divers to equalize their ear pressure underwater. 


Boynton Ledges

If you’re already in the area to check out the Sky Cliff wreck, you’ll definitely want to stop by the Boynton Ledges while you're there. This thriving reef is literally teeming with colorful and vibrant marine life. The area is constantly refreshed with nutrient rich waters and has become one of the most beloved drift dive spots in Florida. To be sure that you don’t miss a moment of the action below the surface, bring along a trusted and clear mask choice for your reef adventure. The Speedo Hyperfluid Mask features two-window tempered glass, which makes it perfect for snorkeling and underwater exploring.


Anglin’s Pier

This reef was named one of the best beach diving sites on the East Coast in recent years. But it isn’t just the location’s accessibility that makes it a favorite amongst scuba divers and snorkelers. Wade out to either side of the pier and the abundant marine life below is sure to amaze even the most seasoned divers. You’ll find an array of unique rock formations, neon bright fish and extremely diverse and colorful coral covering the entire landscape. The shallow reef is ideal for snorkeling so bring along your trusted snorkel gear so that you can spend hours on end in the thriving waters. Never have to worry about coming up for extra air or clearing your snorkel with the Water Gear Kauai Silicone Snorkel .The specially designed dry attachment keeps the barrel free of water and is easily mounted to most any mask for a secure and comfortable fit.