When you have a food processor you have opened the door a new and exciting experience in the kitchen. You have found a way to reduce time for preparation and make cooking an easier process.

You may not have one at this time since you want to know the best food processor to purchase. This article is specifically designed to help you make the decision about the best food processors.

Among the best food processors, the Cuisinart is one of the most commonly used products with over 200 models available. The varieties are as small as a four-cup capacity and reaches up to twenty cups. There are full size models that are handheld as well as the countertop models.

The prices of the appliance range from $20 to $1000. There is a wide variety of Cuisinart appliances that will meet the needs and budget that are built to last. The most popular model is the DFP-14BCN that is a 14-cup capacity food processor.

Kitchenaid is also a very popular brand with over 100 models. The varieties start with the smallest model having a three-cup capacity and go up to a twelve-cup capacity model.

There are many accessories for the appliance. The price ranges for the Kitchenaid ranges from $40 up to $499. The most popular model is the KFP750CR 700 watt with a twelve-cup capacity.

Hamilton Beach joins the list of popular food processors. It has over 30 models with capacities from six cups up to fourteen cups.

The prices range between $50 up to $200. The reliable appliance is a trusted name in home appliances with a large following. The most popular model is the 70595n Big Mouth fourteen-cup capacity.

Black & Decker also joins the list of popular food processors. Known for hand tools and work appliances Black & Decker reaches out to the kitchen appliance realm and easily proves the durability and reliability of their appliances.

There are over 20 models for food processors with the smallest model starting at three cups capacity and the largest having a ten-cup capacity. The prices range between $20 and $100.

The most popular model is the EHC650 three-cup capacity that is a two-speed model. These are the best food processors!