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There is a mantra that goes “best things are free”. But when it comes to the best free antivirus software however one has to tread careful because they could fall into the hands of tricksters and conmen. Freebies are normally associated with low quality and questionable attributes but my encounter with AVG antivirus software made me change my mind set completely. This is certainly the reason why I want you to read along with me as we explore some of the salient features of this best free antivirus software. Let me tell you from the onset that this software can be instrumental in guarding your computer from viruses and malware.

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Historical background of the free antivirus software.

Sometime back, there was a software company called Grisoft, which later changed to AVG Technologies. This company has an outstanding reputation as one of the companies that prides itself for having been around the globe for more than a decade now and is a darling of many home and professional computer users. AVG which is the free antivirus software is manufactured by this Czech company and its full name is Anti Virus Guard.

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The licensing of the antivirus software

This software comes in two versions, the free one which is the subject of this article and the pro version which the user has to subscribe to AVG Technologies for it. The company designed the best free antivirus software version for home use while the pro version was tailor made for commercial use and for which a license is required. The features of this free antivirus software are immense and up to the task.

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AVG software database

This is by far the best free antivirus software software database and is updated on a regular basis. The database contains almost all known computer viruses and malwares and the updating which happens automatically without the users intervention is coupled with the ‘AVG Resident Shield’ which acts as a detector of any viruses and malwares that may be finding their way into your machine.

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The free antivirus software surveillance system

Various routes of entry exist through which viruses can find their way into the machine emails being one of them. The reason I am voting for this as the best free software is that it scans all emails before downloading to avoid the entry of any virus into your computer system. In addition, this software scans all documents that are imported to your machine from other sources. So if you insert a flash disk or a CD Rom, this will automatically prompt a scan  to establish whether there are any malwares.


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The ease of upgrade to the ‘Pro’ version antivirus software.

 It is almost guaranteed that this piece of antivirus software may not contain all the security features but in its category its unmatched and the best free antivirus software one can find. Should a user feel the need to upgrade to the ‘Pro’ version which is highly recommended at some point, then in addition, the user will have access to technical support. This software boasts of a number of reviews and according to my analysis, it serves as the best free antivirus software.