The best is the Bank of america app on (android) because I can check my bank account information anywhere and pay bills where ever I am. Zynga Poker (android) because I enjoy playing poker and its a well built app. Angry Birds (android) because its a fun game to kill some time and can be challenging. Facebook (android) because I can check my facebook account where ever I am without the need of accessing a computer. LG remote control (iphone) because I can use my phone as a remote control and it is quite useful. Yelp (android) because when I'm in a area that I am unfamiliar with I always use it to find high rated places to eat. Amazon (android) because when I'm out shopping I like to compare prices that way I can get the best deal. - Riverside, California

    The best apps that I have on my android phone are my Blizzard authenticator, Zedge, Slacker Radio, and Gmail. All of these apps are free and I use them almost every day. The blizzard authenticator keeps my gaming accounts secure and I practically never have to handle the hassle of having my account getting jacked. Zedge is great because it allows me to fully customize my phone with wallpapers, ringtones, and text alerts. It also has games that I could download but I don't use them. Slacker Radio is decent in that it has a good selection of music and let's me listen to whatever I want. You can go premium and get additional features, but I'm happy with the free version. Finally, gmail is great as I can check my e-mail wherever I go. It's very useful during breaks at work or in between classes.  Summerville

I really like the Couch to 5k app. There are many out there but the one I use the most is C25KFree for Android. I am just getting in to running and I've found it to be very motivational to have an app which helps me keep pace, and keeps me working out on a consistent basis. I have found that I have to keep repeating weeks because I'm very out of shape, but the app gives you the freedom to move around as you please in the program. It also integrates your own music playlists into the app so you don't have to listen to silence or worry about running two apps at once. - Chicago

    Pinterest - Because it's a great way to waste time and distract me from how horrible my life really is. Any sort of classic video game emulator app - Because it allows me to play classic video games from my youth and therefore distract me from how horrible my life really is. - Dickinson, Texas

    The best and most comprehensive and useful app available for my iPhone is the YouVersion Bible. It has the entire bible, plus helps, plans, daily readings, etc. The Chase banking app is amazing in allowing me to transfer money, send money, and deposit checks RIGHT FROM MY PHONE! I also love Buy Me a Pie for grocery lists because I can make a list and then my husband can see it on his phone. Plus, you can organize your list by color for the types of items you need to buy, which makes the time in the store less. For photos, I love Instagram and PicFrame becasue they allow me to edit and share. I use the weather App constantly. Reminders and the Calendar app for iPhone are extremely useful in keeping me organized. Redbox app for DVD rental is very convenient in finding and reserving movies. For games, I enjoy tetris (which was not free), Drawsomething, Bravesmart, Word Jewels, Words Free, and Bejewelel 2 (also not free). - Columbus.

    The best app I have is Right Track, a Metro-North Railroad tracking app. It helps me keep track of train schedules, and fetches them on-the-fly for me, listing stops and what track the train will be stopping on. I also like Embark NYC, which was free, for subway instructions and maps, though it crashes very often. I also like the free Facebook messenger app, which I use to keep in touch with my boyfriend. Its push updates are especially helpful. - Stony Brook

    NINJUMP is a game on android that i think is the best , i like it very much it is a very interesting and very addicting game ,you just can not put this game down,it is a fast game ,it is a game where you can not rest your fingers for a while as there are enemies flying toend you anytime and you are trying to save ninja from enemies and helping him to climb up,in this game there is a ninja with a sword climbing up and there are crows and other enemies in his way to bring him down ,your goal is to end them with sword and keep climbing up . main interesting thing of game are powers which are gained by killing the same enemy three times. - Seattle

    My favorite free app is the flashlight app. I have used the free flashlight on countless occasions and it immensely valuable. Having a pocket flashlight at any time is a great idea. My favorite paid game is plants v. zombies. I had played it on PC and it ported over extremely well to the iphone. I also very much enjoyed world of goo as it was a very complex and challenging puzzle game. Alien blue is probably the most used app on my iphone as it make browsing reddit very easy and quick. As far as news goes, the al jazeera and economist apps makes getting breaking news and in depth analysis a touch away. - Cornelius

    Facebook app lets me know when I get messages and stuff, so I don't ever have to actually check it. Useful? Yes. I love my university's bus app so I don't have to wait long for buses. Draw something is so much fun to play with friends. Best game ever. I love to use IMDB when I can't remember where I saw that actor before, which bugs the crap out of me. Music player, not sure if thats an app though. - Waukesha