Best Free Blog For Beginners

One of the best free blogs for beginners is the blog program from Google called Blooger.  With this program you can easily create your own blog, use templates, add pictures, add video and other information to your new blog without any prior knowledge or experience.  This Blooger program by Google is perhaps the easiest blog for new users.  Some people prefer WordPress but for beginners Blooger is the recommended choice do to its simplicity.

Once you have decided on a blog name it is easy to use a predefined template for your blog and get it set up in very little time.  The templates are customizable to your specifications.  For example, you can change backgrounds, colors, and other options to meet the way you want your blog to look.  These templates give you many options that as a beginner to Blooger you will be able to use with little experience.  The program is set up to be beginner friendly even if that never used a blog program before.

Posting Basics

When you want to create a new particle or post it is as easy as using your word processor at home.  You can bold text, create a bulleted list, a numbered list, and other features you are used to doing in your regular word processor at home.  If you have some HTML experience it is easy to incorporate blocks of this text into your blog document.  Inserting links, pictures, and video is also easy to do.  The program makes it easy to add YouTube videos to your post if this is something you want for your blog posts.

Blog Design

The program has easy design futures where you can plug in different applets such as a link list, advertising block, JavaScript code, and other small programs called widgets or gadgets.  There are many people who have made gadgets for the program that you'll find useful in your own blog.  Such gadgets include a newsreel, subscription links, profile, blog archive, and other types of programs created by different Blooger users.  The design interface has a nice drag and drop feature that makes it easy to place your gadgets the way that you want.  You can easily preview your blog and see the results of your work before you make your blog live on the Internet.

Blog Features

The program also allows you to have your own domain name if you so choose.  These features can be found in the settings of the program.  Other settings you can change include formatting features such as date, language, post number, and other formatting features.  You can easily change the features of your blog comments by your readers from the settings feature in this blog program from Google.  You also have other advanced features such as those for mobile devices.  For most beginner users they won't have to change many settings to get the most out of the program.  Once the user gets used to creating posts in Blooger they can change settings to suit their individual needs.

Best Free Blog

If you are new to blogs you should give this program a try.  I like the design features, the ease of adding features such as gadgets, the drag and drop design feature, and the all the settings you can put on your blog once you get used to the program. other blog programs have more advanced features but for regular users who just want their first blog this program is the easiest to use. You shouldn't have too much difficulty using the software.  The best free blog for beginners in my opinion is the Google Blogger.