If we say that Smartphones have replaced computers for many users, we won’t be very far-fetched. For a common user, computer is mostly used to watch movies, listen music and play games and all these needs are pretty much fulfilled with Smartphones these days. Other than having the facility of downloading games for money, free Smartphone games are also available for the users. A wide range of such games is available in both Apple app store and Google Play store.

The competition between various operating systems for smartphones, particularly between Android and iOS, is on the rise these days. Both these operating systems provide their users with a range of applications, both for money and for free. So basically free Smartphone games for users are early available for download on the phones.

Talking specifically about the android phones, Angry Birds would probably rank at the first place among the free games. Angry Birds have become a phenomenon in a very short time and a film has also been made on this game. Thousands of people download this game each day. Another version with the name of Angry Birds Pro has also been released.

Bebbled is another free game in which the player has to combine the balls with the same color and bust them. The more you bust the balls, the more your score becomes. Although there are several other games on similar lines, this one is the most famous.

Red Stone is a square shuffling game in which the user starts with a large ‘King’ square and that square needs to reach the exit door. The square should be moved through all other squares which are called pawns.

There are various other square shuffling games but this is at the top of them all. For all Math and Physics geeks,"Newtonmight" be the best game which is also among the free Android games. In this game, user needs to hit a target with the gun but this is not as simple as it seems. There are several obstacles in the way and user needs to keep the gravitational and other physical effects of those obstacles in mind, since they would affect the precision of the shot. With a little calculation in mind, you can have a precise shot. Some stages are still being added to this game which is not complete yet.

Like several other games that are the mobile versions of the famous PC games, Frozen Bubbles has also been optimized for Smartphones. Users just fire the bubbles at the top of the screen to combine the like colored bubbles and bust them. This is a pretty interesting and famous game.

Among the most famous free Smartphone games that we have for iPhone, Dropship can be included among the top few. In this game, you have to save your ship from the gravitational effects that are surrounding it and also from the opponents. Flood it! Is a very interesting puzzle game which can become quite a challenge for your brain.

At the start of the game, there are various colors on the screen and what you need to do is to make the entire screen of one color by using limited amount of taps at various screen locations.

The number and variety of free games on both app stores of Apple and Android is increasing at an impressive pace. Considering the increasing competition between the two giants, users would certainly have a lot more than they have right now.