There are so many great, free programs out there that can be used for a variety of different reasons.  Here are some of the great free pieces of software that I believe everyone with a PC should have installed. 


F.lux is a unique program that changes the brightness of your monitor to match how light it is outside.  It is unhealthy and unnatural for us to be looking at a bright screen in the dark, and F.lux fixes this.  Using this program, I have noticed a huge improvement in my sleep, and my monitor looks a lot better too.  Using this free, intuitive program, your computer screen won’t cause you to go blind.  F.lux is Essential for those who spend a lot of time on the computer daily.

Pale Moon

Which internet browser is the best?  My answer would be Pale Moon.  It is very similar to Firefox, but it is better optimized for Windows, making it run much faster and more smoothly.  Pale Moon is fast, has a clean interface, and has all of the innovative add-ons that Firefox has.  If you have a Windows computer and Firefox is a bit slow, check out Pale Moon and more often than not it will run much faster.

CC Cleaner

CC Cleaner is a free, fast registry cleaning program.  That means it gets rid of the unneeded gunk on your computer.  Other registry cleaners can cost money, but CC Cleaner does everything you need for free.  This is another great tool for anyone who has been noticing slower performances with their computers – it’s probably time to clean your registry.  Do it for free with CC Cleaner.

Gimp 2

Need a good photo editing software, but Photoshop is too expensive?  Try out GIMP 2.  GIMP 2  is free picture editing software a ton of different options.  Almost anything you want to do in Photoshop, you can do using GIMP 2, and it is 100% free.  Whether you just want to goof around with some pictures, or create professional graphic work, this is a viable free program that is quick and easy to use.


BitLord is by far the fastest, and easiest to use torrent software that I have used.  The GUI is clean, download speeds are fast, and searching for files with it is fast and easy.  Get rid of your old, slower torrent software and upgrade to BitLord for free.

Hope you guys enjoy these great free programs.  If I missed any, please leave a comment below and tell me about some other great free software.