Looking for a good free standing portable wardrobe?  Maybe you need a portable closet for a spare bedroom or for an upcoming trip.  Maybe you just want a top quality portable clothes rack on wheels for when guests come to town.  Whatever you need your portable wardrobe for you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on it.  There are a number of good options available at many stores which are surprisingly low in price.

An Excellent Free Standing Wardrobe Closet

Portable Wardrobe Storage SolutionThere are of course many options which are going to be just fine but one excellent free standing portable wardrobe is the Rubbermaid Portable Wardrobe which comes in both the 32 inch and 64 inch varieties.  The 64 inch wardrobe however is really the better wardrobe of the two because it not only has a larger storage capacity but it also stores your items for less per square foot.

Rubbermaid is well known for quality storage items however wardrobes are probably not that high on the radar of most people.  One reason why their wardrobes are so well designed is that they not only relay on a portable clothes rack for hanging clothes design but they also incorporate other storage features like shelves and drawers into the frame.  Of course the entire portable wardrobe is completely encased in a well made canvas shell providing excellent protection from dust and dirt.  This is especially handy if you use portable closets such as these to store out of season clothing in a spare room of the house.

Free Standing Wardrobe On Wheels

Free Standing Portable Garment RackAnother option is to get a good portable closet on wheels.  Much like the free standing wardrobes these closets look and act the same way except they are even more portable.  More than even portable wardrobes a rolling closet is even more likely to based on a rolling clothes rack frame.  These are less likely to incorporate storage devices like shelves and drawers but can be just as great or better at string hanging clothes safely for long periods of time.  They also tend to be a bit cheaper because the frame construction is a little bit simpler.

If you wanted to get a portable wardrobe on wheels you would probably have to sacrifice a bit of frame quality to get one at the same price as a rolling coat rack with canvas cover.  The other option however is to buy a more expensive model with a more robust frame.  This choice is obviously very personal as cost versus value is very subjective.  A full wardrobe with drawers will require extra framing to stay sturdy which will naturally drive the price up unless you allow the quality to slip.

The best route is to always pay up to the more expensive model.  All of the portable free standing wardrobe storage options will be relatively affordable and somewhat close I price.  Because the units are designed for travel or maneuverability it’s always going to be best to have a better made clothing rack that will last longer, especially as lugging it around will slowly inflict wear and tear on the frame and wheels.