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Internet users often wonder what constitutes the best free virus protection.  There are many answers floating around because many have tried to objectively answer this question but most of them are skewed towards subjectivity. After a closer analysis of the whole subject matter I came up with a conclusion as to what can be conclusively referred to as the best free virus protection.

Having been a victim of malware and computer virus attacks I endeavored to compile some incredible information which could be of assistance to those who either have been affected or who are putting up mechanisms to avoid software viral attacks. My finding was that the best free virus protection was actually a combination of several different free software programs. If you carefully mix the right programs then you should end up with a formidable level of protection for your machines. The free softwares will give you a number of protective services amongst them virus protection, malware and spyware protection, protection from hackers and fraud websites amongst lots of other malicious threats.

The protection given by these best free virus protection softwares can be categorized into:

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Antivirus: this attribute basically enlists the services needed to protect the computer system against virus attacks which are the major concern in cyber security. Examples in this category include Avira and Avast which are form part of the best free virus protection software.

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Antispyware: as the name suggests these protect the computer system against any spywares. Examples of leading trademarks in this arena are Malwarebytes and Spyware doctor; these are measured and tested by experts in this field.

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Firewall; this bars certain sites or programs trying to access your computer environment. This is especially so when browsing and other sites have to be accessed for information. In most cases the computer will alert you that the site you want to access has been barred by a firewall. Zone alarm stands out among the best free virus protection software in this category.

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Anti hack tool: hackers are everywhere in the virtual world trying to access  sites for information or just to let the site or virtual accounts owners know how vulnerable they are. Anti hack tools are a major component of the best free virus protection softwares. They literally block the hackers or they retain the hacker’s identity so that it can enable investigations. An example of an anti-hack tool includes SnoopFree Privacy Shield marketed by the experts in anti hacking softwares.

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Fraud and phishing filters: these are an integral part of virus protection software and they basically aim at detecting and preventing fraud.  Most fraudsters use information gathered from the virtual world to commit major scams such as credit card theft. The recommended softwares in this category are Web Of Trust and Site Advisor.

As a conclusion if you buy the above best free virus protection softwares, then your computer system will have achieved a high level protection. Cyber security has it that at least your computer should have some virus protection software installed.

I hope in this article I have shown you some of the best free virus protection softwares out there to protect your computer from coming to harm.