Best Frequent Flyer Credit Card

Best Frequent Flyer Credit Card

Things You Will Need

Some need for information about a frequent flyer credit card or an airline miles credit card.

Step 1

The best frequent flyer credit card hands down will depend upon the credit history of the cardholder, the number of miles a credit card holder flies and what else the card might be used for. What follows are some tips for deciding which frequent flyer credit card is your best choice.

If you are a frequent flyer it seems only logical that you should also reap the rewards of this business or personal necessity. What you should take into account first is how many frequent flyer miles will you accrue per month. If you regularly travel over 1000 miles a month then examine the frequent flyer miles on the card, some carry limits.

Step 2

Check for expiration dates on accrued miles or points because if you fly only a moderate amount then it may take you a while to have enough miles or points to collect your reward. Blackout periods are also a concern. If you want to travel during peak periods be sure your frequent flyer credit card will be useful.

Step 3

How flexible is the frequent flyer credit card offer? In other words can you use your miles on merchandise other than travel? Flexibility is a plus for some persons.

Do frequent flyer credit card points or miles accrue with other purchases? If a credit card is used for other expenses then this can be a consideration and can help you acquire more points and rewards.

Step 4

The APR should not be ignored even on a frequent flyer credit card or the rewards or miles will not be a plus on your balance sheet at the end of the month.

Step 5

Find out if your frequent flyer miles apply to domestic or international travel. Some frequent flyer cards offer miles or travel points with restricted destination.

Step 6

It all comes down to reading the fine print, and considering your spending habits to select the best frequent flyer credit card for you. If you travel extensively during the month your best frequent flyer travel card standards might be different from a moderate traveler who also used the frequent flyer credit card for other types of purchases and wants to accrue points or miles from other purchases.

Tips & Warnings

Card holders who plan on using their frequent flyer credit card for other purposes including balance transfers should investigate the terms on these bonuses they can make a frequent flyer credit card more attractive or less, depending on the terms.