Lone Star Taqueria
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The worst thing about Lonestar Taqueria is that I don't live close enough. I crave it constantly. Anyone who has eaten hear who has half a taste bud would agree, this place simply can't be missed. This restaurant was even featured on the show Diners Drive Ins and Dives. What makes this place special is the authenticity and the freshness of ingredients.

Let me start with the ingredients. Fresh is king at this establishment. They fly in fresh never frozen fish each morning. The fish in their tacos and burritos is constantly changing because of that. Sometimes it is salmon and others tilapia. You never know what to expect when you go in. Hey, if it ensures freshness then I don't care what the fish is. I also love their secret sauce on their fish tacos and burritos. Their burritos are huge, double fisted huge. This bohemeth is enough for 2-4 meals. The kicker is it is under 8 bucks. In fact outside of the buy in bulk/catering items there is only one item on the menu over 8 bucks. That is the shrimp or fish salad and it is barely over at $8.19. Now that is some serious food value.

I never leave Lonestar feeling like I got the short end of the stick. Everytime I eat here I get their chips. These chips are thick and fresh fried. They also have a variety of salsas at their salsa bar that can really make the chips pop with flavor. My all time favorite dish at this restaurant is the shrimp burrito. I always ask for no onions because my wife doesn't like it when I eat raw onions. If you don't ask for a particular item out of their burritos then you will likely find it in there. They boast that everything, and they mean everything, comes on their burritos.

This funky joint seems to be slammed at all times and the parking lot is miniscule. To avoid hitting someone or having someone hit you my advice would be to park at the library just west of the restaurant. It is a short walk from there to the best darn mexican you have ever had. Or if you want to risk it, and if you hope the taco gods are smiling on you, then try to find a spot in the parking lot. Just remember, I warned you it was small.

The food here is ridiculously good and ridiculously portioned. I usually go for a full burrito but regret it. It is so good I end up eating the whole thing, then I feel stuffed all day. At least I have a smile on my face. Maybe one day I will get smart and order a half burrito (they totally allow this).

Lonestar's Iconic Car
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If you are in the area, a California transplant, or simply needing some solid mexican you have to give this place a shot. It is truly amazing. For those of you on a quest to never eat at another chain restaurant you will fit in perfectly here. It is a restaurant for all people.