Best Friend Beads

Finding Best Friend Beads for Use in Best Friend Jewelry

With all kinds of best friend jewelry becoming more and more popular lately, many crafty teens and tweens have been wondering how they can best go about designing and creating their own best friend jewelry pieces. While it's fun to buy, share and collect best friend jewelry like best friend necklaces and best friend bracelets, it's even more meaningful when you give your closest pal something they know you took the time to make by hand. That's why many are turning to best friend beads for use in designing and creating best friend necklaces. The great thing about getting some best friend beads is that they empower you to have total creative control over the pieces of best friend jewelry you can make and offer.

Depending upon your and your friend's desires and preferences, you can find best friend beads that feature special messages, or you can even have them engraved at certain jewelry or craft stores. You can also find inspiring best friend beads that feature special messages such as well known prayers, sayings, or quotes about friendship and togetherness.

Another fun idea is to find best friend beads that have a different letter stamped onto each bead - you can use these on a simple lanyard or string to assemble a best friend bracelet that spells out your amigo's name. Regardless of what you finally settle on for a design, friends always appreciate when one of their close companions takes the time out to think about them and create something from their heart.

What is Best Friend Jewelry?

Best friend jewelry is any kind of jewelry or accessory that's meant to be shared by two or more close friends. Best friend necklaces, for example, are very popular pieces of best friend jewelry that feature two separate pendants that fit together to form one whole image, like a heart or yin yang. These best friend necklaces are fun ways for two close buddies to show off and celebrate their friendship, because each half of the pendant has its own necklace lanyard. That way, each friend gets a piece of the jewelry, but both friends can put them back together whenever they want to form the whole pendant.

The fact of the matter is that best friend jewelry can be whatever you want it to be. Any kind of jewelry can be best friend jewelry when it's given in the spirit of sharing. Even two pieces of best friend jewelry that don't match can be successful best friend jewelry pieces. Or, if you can't get two matching bracelets or necklaces, you can always buy matching best friend beads and string them onto two different kinds of jewelry. That way, it doesn't matter if you're wearing a bracelet and your best bud is sporting a best friend necklace, you can still easily tell that you're wearing best friend jewelry.

Make Your Own Best Friend Beads

Don't have the cash to buy best friend beads? No problem. For about $5 you and your best friend can find some sculpey or modeling clay that you can form into best friend beads on your own. It's easy. Just make a long even roll of clay by rubbing a chunk of sculpey between your hands, then chop it into even pieces. Smooth these pieces out a little bit and you'll soon have the basic building blocks for your own homemade best friend beads.

Once you've got your best friend beads rolled out, you can use the tip of an unfolded paperclip to write whatever letters or messages you want onto your own new best friend beads. Don't forget to use your paperclip to dig an even hole through each end of your best friend beads. Once you're done with that, you or your parent can cook your clay best friend beads in the oven until they are hardened. Now you can wait for your freshly made best friend beads to cool before stringing them on a lanyard and wearing them with pride!