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Best friend necklaces are pieces of jewelry intended to be gotten in pairs by close friends, each wearing one half to signify their personal bond. Although there are plenty of great versions of this idea that play very cleverly on the idea of sharing or reciprocity, by way of shapes that are formed in full when both pieces are joined, there are also plenty of ways to give these kinds of necklaces as gifts, even if they don't match perfectly. The nice thing about making your best friend gifts is that you can be free to express yourself and your affection in whatever way feels comfortable to you. Perhaps the most memorable best friend gifts are those that speak to the uniqueness of the special connection you and your friend share.

Best Friend Necklaces

In this category of best friend necklaces, the only limit is your imagination. If you and your best friend have special nicknames for one another, for example, you could use modeling clay or sculpey to fashion two pendants resembling each of your nicknames. Making your best friend gifts in this way can show that you really value their friendship and best friend necklaces made by hand can be the most meaningful, because anyone can simply buy their best friend gifts from a store, but true best friends will go out of their way and take time out of their day to fashion something special by hand.

Non-matching best friend necklaces could be as simple as two circular pendants that have the first letter of each friend's name in the center. If these best friend necklaces match in terms of their overall design, all the better. Keep in mind that giving your best friend gifts is mostly about the thought and the gesture; the meaning, and not so much the actual gift.

Best Friend Necklaces - Matching Options

Best Friend Necklaces For Sale

If you're not too keen on making your best friend gifts or fashioning best friend necklaces by hand, you have plenty of options in terms of commercially available best friend gifts. Jewelry stores in malls, shopping centers and local pavillions will typically carry best friend necklaces and best friend gifts, although you may be limited by their selection and styles.

Popular commercially available best friend necklaces include the two half-pieces that, when joined together, form a full figure like a heart, soccer ball or ying yang. These best friend necklaces can make good best friend gifts especially if your best friend is passionate about an activity, sport or animal that your local jewelry store is likely to carry.

All the better, if you're unsure about all the various Best Friend Necklaces options when you're trying to buy your best friend gifts, do the informal thing and invite your best friend along with you. That way, you can not only share in the experience, but you can be confident that your friend will be able to pick out something they will truly like.

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