Weight Loss Fruits

We all know that fruit is essential for good health, and good digestion, but it's also used by savvy folks to aid their weight loss efforts too.

No two items of fruit are made equally. What I mean by that, is while one type of fruit may be full of sugar, another is a metabolism boosting super food.

What to look for in a fruit

If weight loss is your goal, and your nutrients and your glucose supplies are achieved elsewhere in your diet, look solely for fruits lower in sugar.

These are usually far higher in fiber and work as appetite suppressants as well as help you keep a regular bathroom cycle. Many people aren't as overweight as they think. Poor diet and eating habits, and low fiber intake, can cause water retention and bloating. This can create a pregnancy type of appearance in the stomach, and is resistant to exercise or supplements as it isn't a fat based problem.

Look for detoxifying fruits. These will help your liver and other organs, and give you a more slim lined, cleansed appearance. A well-functioning liver is essential for a fast metabolism and the burning of fat. Caffeine supplements have been popular among dieters, but a similar effect could have been achieved much more safely and naturally just by introducing a few more citrus fruits in to the diet.

Looking for varieties lower in calories is the sensible option. A calorie is a calorie whether it comes from chocolate or green beans (though granted it's a lot harder to eat 1000 calories worth of beans). Too many calories per day, and soon enough those left over units of energy will begin to turn into pounds. Staying away from bananas and watermelon should steer you right. Both can contain up to 120 calories per serving. That's as many as a candy bar!

Which fruits should I eat for weight loss?

Fruit Diet
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Below is a quick cheat sheet for you to memorize. It includes a list of all of the best fruits low in sugar, high in anti-oxidants and rich in fiber. These fruits will help curb your appetite, give you energy and provide you with more than your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Apples - Go for the lightest color you can find. Have you ever heard of the saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away?' That saying is just as true if you switch the word pounds with doctor. This low sugar fruit is high in vitamin C, provides a great energy boost and is full of fiber.

Grapefruits - The grapefruit is the daddy of weight loss fruits. It makes for a great low calorie breakfast, and is an amazing metabolism booster. It goes well as juice too, as long as you don't have a sweet tooth.

Raspberries - The ketone has made a lot of news lately, but we'll forget that for now. Raspberries alone are one of natures greatest sources of anti-oxidants, and contain a huge amount of fiber. A third of your daily fiber recommendations can be found in just one serving of these berries, making them a weight loss superfood.

Coconut - Coconut is a weight loss savior. Not only is it's oil a great cooking aid, but it's milk is rich and creamy too. Shredded coconut has saved many dieters from falling off over the edge in to temptation and relapse.

Pears - The humble pear isn't the most glamorous of fruits. It usually sits alone in the grocery store while people walk passed it and pick up one of the more exotic varieties. You'll regret it if you do it again after today though, as one pear has 15% of your recommended intake of fiber. They're sweet, they're juicy, and they actually eating them actually feels like a treat, rather than a chore.

Lemons - Lemons are a liver enhancer. They have detoxification properties that are as effective as some drugs. They're extremely cheap, versatile, and can be used in drinks or on top of salads. Get in to the habit of squeezing a lemon in to a glass of water each morning. Your liver will love you for it and so too will your waistline.

Don't be afraid of including fruit in your diet. Despite some having a high GI index and a high sugar content, you probably know better than to judge all fruits on the basis of a couple. Enjoy them regularly and experience the health benefits and weight loss benefits the certain varieties mentioned above can provide.


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