Making a decision as to the best g star jeans is a very difficult one to make. They produce a variety of fantastic RAW denim designs so selecting only one style as the top pair of trousers is tough. There are many great features to the clothes that g star produce. Their tops, t-shirts, shirts, jackets and of course their jeans are all hard wearing while at the same time being fashionable with edgy street designs fused with military styling. I have bought over ten pairs of g star jeans since I became addicted to their styles nearly ten years ago. If I had to choose just one of these pairs as my favorite g star jeans then I would have to spend some serious time thinking about it. Obviously over time styles change. At the end of the 1990s the styles that I got were slim fitting round the waist and thighs and then flared out towards the bottom of the pants. Now however the designs that I prefer are their slim cut jeans that taper slightly towards the ankle, for example, G-Star Slim leg Elwood heritage jeans. Their RAW denim jeans come in a variety of colors. Dark and light blues as well as black being popular colors. One of the most exciting features of their raw denim is that it fades uniquely to the body contours and due to the specific uses of the wearer. Rather than being made of distressed denim as is typical of many other manufacturers, G Star often use their own RAW denim. This is a type of fabric that is unwashed and untreated. It has a different look and feel to regular denim. There are many converts to this type of cloth including many high profile celebrities.

g star elwood jeans

Deciding upon the best g star jeans is really a personal decision. Some people will prefer looser cuts such as their storm elwood ranger jeans while others, including myself, enjoy wearing tighter fitting trousers like the G-Star scuba elwood narrow record jeans or the G Star embro narrow fit jeans. Of course looking at them in the shop is one thing but to get a feel for the trousers you really have to try them on. One of the hardest thing about visiting a G star store is choosing which pair to buy. There are so many great pairs of jeans that it can take a long time selecting the most appropriate ones for you. This is obviously part of the fun of going clothes shopping. Taking the time to ensure that you buy the best fitting style so that you will be able to wear them with enjoyment every time you put them on. Some of the things I love about these jeans and the reason that I thing that G star make the best jeans is because of their styling and attention to detail. The most recent pair of elwood jeans that I bought have their famous 3 D knee patch. This gives the knee area a new look by introducing different angles. This may not be for everybody but it certainly gives the jeans a bit more of an edgy street vibe. On top of this there are the buckles that can be used to tighten the waist area and mean the trousers can be worn without a belt. I really love this because this helps me rock the slim look that I am going for these days. Their jeans often have extra detailing including embroidery, zippers and buttons.

The best G star jeans are made by a Dutch company that was originally named Gap Star however as they grew and wanted to take their brand global, they changed the name to G star. They have been making denim products since 1989. It was in 1996 that they released their RAW denim which elevated their brand to worldwide fame. Since then they have gone on from strength to strength winning many admirers in the fashion industry as well as the denim buying public at large. They produce a wide variety of products for both men and women. G star are also recognized for their extravagant fashion shows which attract many high profile guests. They have shows at many of the major fashion events throughout the world. As they have expanded to cater for demand for their premium raw denim products, G star have opened many shops throughout the world. In some major cities, there are more than one G star store. Their jeans can also be found at a variety of high street retail fashion outlets. That said, visiting their own shops is one of the best experiences as far as buying g star jeans is concerned. The interiors of the stores are as cool as one would expect from such a prestigious fashion label. That said, the stores themselves, while being very cool are understated enough not to steal too much attention away from the clothes themselves whose sale is their primary aim. Visiting one of their flagship stores in a city such as New York or London is possibly the easiest way to find your own favorite style and decide for yourself what the best pair of g star jeans for you is. After familiarizing yourself with the label, its styles and sizes it is then possible to buy g star jeans online. This is one way to make possible savings. However purchasing clothing this way, it is essential that you know what you are buying. This is hard to do if you have never tried on a pair of their jeans before. So the best idea if you wanted to order jeans through the internet would be to ensure you know the exact size that you want. This can be established by trying on a wide variety of pairs when you do get the chance to visit a G-Star store or one of the many other shops selling their clothing. Then once you know what size, color and style you are after at this stage it is then an option to go to one of the many internet shops to make a saving on your favorite G star jeans.