Facebook is not only everyone’s favorite sharing platform, it has evolved into a hotbed of gaming activity, which has become a major source of excitement and fun for all Facebook addicts. By opening up its platform to numerous developers to run their indigenous applications, Facebook keeps churning out ingenious modes for people to connect and spend time with their friends. All the games have a strong dose of creativity and are highly enjoyable, but there are a few that definitely stand out.

Some of the best Facebook games are


Initially developed by independent developers, later on acquired by the gaming behemoth Zynga , Yoville is primarily a browser based virtual world game which is in fact the first successful “ville” series of casual/social games developed by Zynga which subsequently spawned an entire family of games. The games bears a lot of similarity with SIMS where one can create one’s own fictional character and his or her virtual home. One needs to create a virtual social life for the main character from the scratch. The character can go to office, trade in virtual currency, so on and so forth. Plus there are plenty of mini events and games that one can really enjoy while playing with one’s friends.


Move over Farmville because Farmtown is here. Currently the numero uno farming game on Facebook, with millions of active players – a number base that is swelling every day. The rules are simple. You need to build a farm and try to monetize it through various means, like harvesting or raising livestock. The game may appear to be pretty bland, but is really enjoyable when played together with friends.


Restaurant City

Build your own virtual restaurant and employ your friends in whatever capacity you feel like. You can create and manage your own virtual business by this game.

Mindjolt Games

It is actually a collection of multiple games or applications offered under a single umbrella. Each game is being developed independently by an external developer, and Mindjolt keep adding them to its kitty. Most of them are point keeping games and highest points are in fact recorded on Facebook, something that can be seen by everyone. With a glowing rating of 4.5 out of 5, Mindjolt has gained a lot of traction among casual as well as serious gamers.

Build your own virtual restaurant and employ your friends in whatever capacity you feel like. You can create and manage your own virtual business by this game.


Mafia Wars

Hands down the number one crime and noir game on Facebook , again from the stables of Zynga. This game allows Facebook users to don the cap of a gangster and build their own “mafia” or gang. One of the very few freemium game on Facebook , where players have the option of purchasing premium content , if they are not content with its free version. With an active user base of 8 million, Mafia Wars provides an virtual outlet for the closet gangster, present in all of us. To encah on the game’s soaring popularity a sequel to Mafia Wars ie Mafia Wars 2 was released in 2011.

Pet Society

An extremely cute, lovey dovey game, predominantly meant for teenage girls. Here one can take care of one’s virtual pet, play games and do a lot more. You can also visit your friend’s pet world and challenge his or her’s pets. Again another game, which has become a favorite passing time for Facebook users.

Know It All

If you feel you are a geek and have a general knowledge to brag about, then this game is perfectly suited for you. This game will allow you test your knowledge on a vast array of subjects like sports, history , science, etc. You can also challenge your friend for bragging rights, to check which one of you is smarter.

Match Three Games

Match three games are fun and addictive and Facebook offers you a plethora of match three games to whet your appetite. Some of the most exhilarating free Match three games on Facebook are Jungle Jewels, where you have to match three gems, Breaking Bricks, where you have to remove bricks, and Bejeweled Blitz, somewhat similar to that of Jungle Jewel.