Monopoly is fun, but can be too confusing for the younger kids in your family. Here are some other great game options for your Family Game Night.

Family game night is an activity that everyone in the house can enjoy and benefit from. Spending extra time with your family at home is simple because you only need the electricity for the lights, but no other distractions like television, video games or music players. Depending on the game, you will bring out the competitive nature of each other at the same time as you laugh so hard your abdominals are sore. Here are a couple of the best games for the family with less complicated rules than some other popular games like Monopoly or Risk.

Beat the Parents

With questions geared towards adults and children alike on opposite ends of the question cards, this game allows your family to pit the kids against the grownups in Beat the Parents. Asking the kids what C.I.A. stands for can bring out some crazy entertaining options like the Cauliflower Initiation Agency, or any number of other silly answers. It is fun too, to see which areas each parent is strong at, versus each child. The longer original version of how to play the game includes two game pieces for each team and the team that gets both pieces across the board first wins. If you are on a time crunch, try the shorter game option using just one game piece. This board game is simple, fun and not too expensive so snag it to add to your family’s cabinet of fun for future game nights.


The simple card game has many variations now, including Uno Spin among others. All variations of Uno have the same basic rules, though making it an easy game to learn and build on with the different types of games now available. Children ranging from four years old to six or seven years old can all play this game, but some do better on teams than playing by themselves. Splitting off into teams of gender or age range works well for families playing the popular card game and makes it simple to keep all ages involved and entertained.


Like Uno, the Hedbanz game has several variations including one highlighting Disney movie characters. The fun comes in once you get a glance at the characters every other person playing has to guess, especially if the characters are odd in comparison to the person wearing the headband. Like the other games listed here, Hedbanz is simple to travel with and does not take up much room. Playing this game is so simple, you do not need to look at the instructions and can make up rules as you go along, too. There is also minimal reading involved so younger children can play with ease.