PRO H3 Vs PRO Pedestal

If you are looking for a quality gaming chair for under $200, then in my honest view, you only really have two options -- either 1) the Pro H3 by X Rocker or 2) the Pro Series Pedestal also from X Rocker. Both these chairs offer you something slightly different (which will be discussed in more detail below - specifications etc.) and will hence appeal to different gamers, however both are pretty much considered the 'best' in terms of gaming aspects (e.g. audio quality, comfort etc.) as well as overall value ('bang for your buck') that is offered from a video gaming chair under the 200 dollar budget.

Pro H3 Video Gaming Chair by X Rocker -- (Best Price: $170.00)

X Rocker Pro H3 Video Gaming Chair by Ace BayouCredit: -- Ace BayouThe Pro H3 pretty much has everything you could possibly want from a gaming chair. In terms of audio specifications -- it offers a 4.1 wireless sound system that possess 4 speakers (top right, top left, bottom left, bottom right) along with an built in extreme subwoofer (placed at the lower back area) -- hence if you want it to, it can obviously get pretty loud, but I what I want to stress is the sound quality -- it really does offer you a good crisp sounding feedback from your game, far superior to many of your standard gaming chair models. In sum, it is awesome! Plus, obviously with this, is that it offers you that in-game advantage (where you maybe can't see where they are, but you can sure darn' well hear where abouts they are).

The control panel (power button, power cord, rumble feature, bass settings, lighted up volume control) and audio jack points are all based on the right hand side panel of the chair that connect to your TV splitters, or iPod etc. (as you can see from the picture above), as mentioned it is also does offer a wireless compatibility too. Which through the subwoofer and 'rumble feature' can offers you one hell of a vibration (particularly great for shooting games) -- so if you are wanting a chair that can offer you a true gaming experience from this aspect (vibrations etc.), you definitely won't be disappointed with the H3.

Not only this, it is a rather modern and cool looking chair (picture on the right) that actually does its primary job as well -- being a chair and therefore as you should expect it is very comfortable, all leather padding etc. although the arm wrests aren't exactly great, but still sufficient (my only real downer of the H3 in fairness).

For me, this is the chair I would advise you and any of my friends to go for, if you/they are looking for a top quality gaming chair under $200 -- like I stated above it has everything you could really want from a video gaming chair, certainly gets a five star rating from me. If you check out other reviews of the X Rock Pro H3 too, you will find that many of them match my own and have similar opinion.

For example, if you check out (as of 05/10/2012) they give it a rather impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars, (the highest rated gaming chair listed) and is covered with praise -- " never write reviews but this chair is awesome. Its comfortable and has amazing sound and a whole lot of bass. I even watch movies on it because you feel like your in the action." and "If you're looking for a nice gaming chair with awesome sound, quit looking and buy this. I love to just sit in it, and listen to heavy bass dubstep!" sums up the general view of it rather nicely.

Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair by X Rocker -- (Best Price: $150.00)

Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair by X RockerCredit: -- X RockerThe Pedestal is a pretty similar model to the Pro H3 however obviously comes with a pedestal (which is 'tilt/reclined' and swivel based -- up to a 5 inch raise), rather than being a rocking based chair, like that of the H3. The wireless audio system is based on a 2.1 speaker system (hence only 2 speakers -- right and left head based --  to the H3's four) and comes again with the 'powerful 4 inch subwoofer' (and again gives you many of the advantages described above, although you won't get as greater sense of vibration as you would the H3 in this regard -- something to think about if this an important factor for you).

Again, the control panel is based on the right side of the chair (as in the picture above) and is basically the same as the H3 in terms of the controls and inputs, and wireless set up etc.. What is particularly great is just how comfy the chair is -- through ergonomically designed cushioning -- (arm rests are again rather lacking however), and the overall posture it offers you. In all a good looking chair, that is highly versatile.

For me, it is obviously a decent gaming chair -- but for primarily PC gaming (not really me). I think with the pedestal feature and genuinely the way it is all set up lends itself -- to me personally, as a PC gaming chair rather than a console gaming chair (although it is still compatible with PS3, Xbox 360 etc.).

This being said, "Do I like the chair?" Of course. With many others being fond of it too (if probably not a lot more so), with Amazon reviewers referencing to just how easy it is to set up "Out of the Box... put together in 10 min. hooked up in less than 5 min." and genuinely how good and versatile it is "This chair went above and beyond my expectations. it is comfortable, the speakers are amazing, and it does everything!"


Concerns with the recline of the X Rocker Pedestal Gaming Chair -- it does offer a 'tilting mechanism' allowing you to recline (although is rather limiting) back and forth.

Which Chair to Buy, the PRO H3 or the PRO Pedestal?

It obviously depends on your preferences, but my general guidelines are the following -- If you are wanting a gaming chair primarily for console use (e.g. Xbox 360, PS3 etc.) then in m view you should probably looking at the H3 Pro (with suitable room and vision line etc.), if however you are looking into PC gaming then the Pedestal version is probably more suited to you. 

Which would you buy, the H3 or Pedestal? Please let me know in the comments section.

If you have any questions, remarks or concerns either regarding the 'best gaming chair under $200' article or about the chairs themselves, the Pro H3 or the Pro Series Pedestal (e.g. about their technical aspects, specifications, features) then please be sure to make them in the comments section, that you will find just below and I will get back you as soon as possible.