MMX 300 Vs PC 360

In my personal opinion, if you are looking to find the best gaming headset for under $300 (as of 29/09/2012) -- then you pretty much have two models to consider -- either 1) the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Headset or 2) the Sennheiser PC 360. Where although both these gaming headsets offer their very own unique features, specifications and technical aspects (therefore offering relative strengths and weaknesses -- which will be discussed in a bit more detail below) and will hence appeal to different gamers and games etc. -- what both the 'MMX 300' and 'PC 360' models do have in common is that they offer  'great overall product quality' -- as well as both being extremely well regarded by their owners.

Review: MMX 300 PC Gaming Headset by Beyerdynamic -- (Best Price: $293.04)

Beyerdynamic MMX 300 HeadsetCredit: -- BeyerdynamicThe MMX 300, for me -- is about as good as it gets, having been specially adapted for gaming from pilot HS 300 headsets, the MMX 300 offers you the very pinnacle in terms of performance -- regarding sound quality, responsiveness and overall comfort & feel.

As should be expected of a headphone set that is little under $300 -- their actual main purpose, the sound, is...incredible! Moreover, the noise-cancellation again is spot on, with one particular customer stating "Noise cancellation works a little too well, as I can not hear my wife talk". Perfect. Note -- a sound pressure level of 96 DB. 

Moreover, not me or one person or review I have ever come across regarding the MMX 300 has said anything but... that they are one of the most comfy headsets they have tried/owned. Not forgetting the fitted, 'cock-pit tested' microphone -- which of course offers crisp and clarity of sound from your voice.

My Summary of Review MMX 300 PC Gaming Headset: This is a headset that I almost guarantee will "exceed all your expectations" -- if you are someone (quite like me) who has to have the best of everything in gaming, then quite honestly you don't really need to look any further than the MMX 300.

General Customer MMX 300 PC Gaming Headset Review: If you hunt around the web for MMX 300 PC Gaming reviews, they all pretty much back up my own. For example, on out of 22 people -- 19 gave it a full 5 stars (as of 29/09/2012) and is pretty much heaped with praising comments from extremely satisfied customers such as "If you're in the market for an audiophile headset with a great mic, I can't recommend these enough." as well as it being commonly referred to as "The Ultimate Gaming Headset"  -- tends to cover the general view towards the MMX 300 headset rather nicely.

In sum: "The MMX 300 is designed for those for whom the best is barely good enough" -- an opinion that I have to say very much so matches my own. Easily, 5 Stars .

Review: PC 360 Headset for Pro Gaming by Sennheiser -- (Best Price: $225.60)

Sennheiser PC 360 HeadsetCredit: -- SennheiserI hope the rather favourable review of the MMX 300 doesn't put you off the PC 360 Gaming headset -- as they are a great option in their own right, and should defintiely be considered. Where afterall, they are a very popular headset, and not surprisingly there is a very good reason for this... they offer great value.

The major selling point pushed forward with the PC 360 is the 'in-game' advantage that it offers you through its 'open-acoustic design' -- where 'hearing' your opponent before 'seeing' your opponent, is a vital edge between a losing gamer and that of a winning gamer. Hence, as you can imagine the sound crispness and clarity that the PC 360 offers you is pretty much perfect. Moreover, it offers you great gaming endurance through 'ultra-comfortable' XXL ear cups and cushioned headband to offer less distractions and providing sufficient comfort. In regards, to the microphone as you can expect from such a gaming headset -- the game talk is crystal clear.

My Summary of Review PC 360 Gaming Headset: It is obvious that the PC 360 is a very good quality gaming headset -- and that it will be more than sufficient for all your gaming (and non gaming) needs, offering great sound quality, ultra-comfort, practical on-board controls, a sharp voice (noise cancelling) microphone in an all well-built and constructed sturdy design. Again, 5 Stars.

General Customer MMX 300 PC Gaming Headset Review: From over 100 reviews on -- the PC 360 scores 4.5 out of 5 stars, which relative to other listed headsets is very impressive. Moreover, it is showered with positive reviews -- the most influential probably being the following from J. Men -- "First and foremost, I am a gamer. I have been gaming competitively for well over 10 years and over that period have gone through numerous headsets these being the Turtle Beach X1 & X11, the Tritton AX Pro, the Astro A40 2010 & 2011 Models, and now the Sennheiser PC360. The Sennheiser PC 360s, however, take the cake for being the best headset that I've ever owned and used." 

In Sum: "this is an absolutely amazing gaming headset that will not disappoint. If you're a dedicated gamer or just feel you'd like a top-notch headset then this headset is a great choice" -- again another quote from J. Men and I have to agree with everything stated, they will do everything you expect of them and more.

Although, I have given both 5 stars, in my view if it the question came down to it, that ultimately -- 'Would You Buy the MMX 300 or the PC 360 Gaming Headset?' -- My answer, would have to be the MMX 300. This being said, I can totally understand why many would opt for the PC 360 headset. All just down to preferences and needs, and in my case the MMX300 rather marginally just ticks more of my boxes.

If you have any questions, concerns, or remarks regarding either the 'Best Gaming Headsets under $500' or about either of the headset individually, the Beyerdynamic -- MMX300 PC Gaming Headset or the Sennheiser -- PC360 Headset (about technical aspects, specifications, features etc.) then please be sure to make them in the comment section, that you should be able to find just below.