Best Gaming Laptop for WoW

Laptops for Gaming

It was only a few years ago when it would have seemed weird if a person was using a laptop for gaming. Back then this was weird because gaming was much better and much more comfortable on the PC and there were still no gaming laptop brands established. Now that technology is advancing, we now have laptops that are build just for gaming and have everything in features that would make gaming just as good as if you were on a PC. Not only this but these new gaming laptops that are coming out are loaded with lots of RAM and the best graphic cards. The graphics card is one of the most essential peices when getting a gaming laptop. The better the graphics card then the better your game will end up looking. 2011 Gaming Laptops bring a whole new level of gaming.

Now that online mmorpg games have gotten popular there is high demand for gaming laptops to play these games on their laptops. The question is which gaming laptop do you get and how good of a computer you are wanting to have. These are all things you have to think about before you start looking for a gaming laptop.


Gaming Laptop for World of Warcraft

Best Gaming Laptop for World of WarcraftMany people that are gamers play world of warcraft. World of Warcraft came out about 7 years ago now and is still one of the most prefered mmorpg's. Many people want to get a laptop just for world of warcraft. If you are a wow player then there is a perfect laptop for you.

The best Gaming Laptop for WoW Players is an AlienWare laptop. Alienware knows what the gamers want and build laptops accordingly to enhance features along with keeping the price in a fair range. Remember that the graphics card is essential to having a better game experience.



Features of a WoW Gaming Laptop

World of warcraft is not a demanding game of extreme graphics and RAM power. This being said, you can get away with getting a cheaper gaming laptop if you are a wow player. A gaming laptop for wow should have atleast 4gb of ram, an i5 intel processor and a 1gb graphics card. These features would run wow very smooth and lag free.