Are you a gamer looking for a nice $1000 gaming laptop computer?

Gaming Laptops under 1000 dollars

For anyone thinking about buying gaming computers, performance will be the most important thing. For those who have the money to spend, it is possible to buy a $3000 Dell Alienware laptop. Spending that much, you will be getting a top of the range high performance computer and that is suitable for graphics intensive games. That said, not everyone has the luxury of having such a deep wallet.

That is why there are also cheaper gaming laptops available for under $1000. There are two ways to approach your purchase. You can go for a refurbished or used high-end laptop with faster CPU and a lot of RAM. If you're worried that a used laptop might not live up to expectation, you can decide to buy a brand-new one but with limited performance. The most important thing will depend on what types of games you're into and what is the minimum CPU and RAM capacity recommended for optimum performance.

A thousand dollars is a limited budget for a really nice gaming laptop.  It is possible to buy a decent gaming computer for under $1000 if you make sure the CPU and RAM are going to be enough.  The list below is based on speed and good value.


One of the reasons why this is on the list of the best gaming laptop under $1000 is that you get an Intel core i7 CPU. You also get 8 GB of RAM. These two components are likely to be the best featureS of this Asus gaming computer laptop.Best gaming laptop under $1000 ASUS G53Sw XA1Credit: Amazon

It comes with Windows 7 and 500 GB of hard disk. When you get 2 GHz of CPU power on your laptop, you know you will be getting good performance. A lot of retailers will sell this computer for $1200 but shopping around you can help you find retailers like SeakTheDeal. They will offer you the same laptop for $950.

This of course shows that prices can vary depending on where you decide to purchase your gaming laptop. You also need to consider that some retailers include shipping in the price whilst others don't.

MSI GE620 021US

This is another brand of gaming laptops under $1000 that is worth considering. It comes with 640 GB of hard disk space which is rather generous. You also get 8 GB of RAM and of CPU of 2 GHz.Best gaming laptop under $1000 MSI GE620 021USCredit: Amazon

It comes with standard Windows 7 operating system. One thing you will notice about the design of this laptop is that it is rather bland. That is because a lot of gamers like to have a trendy design on their laptop as a way to define their personality. That said, you get great surround sound from your laptop that will help intensify your gaming experience. sells this computer for $980

Dell Alienware M11x Gaming Laptop Computer

One of the reasons why this belongs in the list of the best gaming computers for less than a thousand bucks is because of the design. The brand is well-known among those who are into gaming.  Your options totally increase when you can spend more than a grand, but this is a decent start.Best Gaming Laptop under $1000 Dell Alienware M11x Gaming Laptop ComputerCredit: Amazon

The disappointing thing is that you only get an Intel core i5 CPU and 6 GB of RAM. To compensate for that, you get 750 GB of hard disk base. This is good as part of the hard disk space can be used for page swapping. Apart from its shortcomings, it is still a decent gaming laptop from a reputable brand.

Still Want to See More Gaming Laptops?

If you are still looking or want more specs on these, Amazon has over 90 high RAM, fast CPU inexpensive gaming laptops.  At least this gives you some options, so enjoy shopping for your new gaming PC.