If you have been dabbling in gardening and wants to make it a serious hobby, gardening tips and techniques will help you turn that empty space into a beautiful and abundant plot. Gardening is a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Your hard work is likely to be rewarded with healthy plants and beautiful flowers. But make no mistake. Gardening can be a demanding task, too. You need to water and feed your plants on schedule. You need to nurture every species the right way or they will not grow or bloom into their full potential.

Gardening blogs might just be the solution to your garden's demanding needs. By browsing different gardening blogs online, you will be able to pick up important tips and gardening techniques. Look into one of these blogs and you might just discover something that your garden has been missing out for a long time.

Best Gardening Blogs - This Garden is Illegal

Gardening Blog

From a gardener in Cleveland, Ohio, This Garden is Illegal is a blog with passion. The author, Hannah, talks about plants and flowers and how she manages to take care of them. Aside from her informative posts, her blog also features other top gardening blogs circulating in the internet. If you are a blog owner, you can contact her so she can add your blog to her list. A section called "What Kind of Flower Are You? Quiz" is fun page where visitors are asked to fill out a questionnaire to find out what kind of flower matches their personality. If you are crazy about tomatoes, there are plenty of posts where Hannah talks about everything tomatoes.

Best Gardening Blogs - My Orchids Journal

Gardening Blog-MyOrchidsJournalOrchids are some of the most exotic flowers and it makes sense why some people devout their time cultivating them. My Orchids Journal teaches you how to grow these beautiful species so that you will, one day, wake up to the scent and sight of wonderful orchids swarming your garden. Many people think that growing orchids is difficult but this blog makes it easy for everyone who is interested. When navigating the site, you will be assaulted with vibrant and colorful pictures of orchid flowers that will surely whet the appetite of any flower enthusiasts. My Orchids Journal is definitely the blog to visit if you want to get educated about orchids.

Best Gardening Blogs - Berry Go Round

Gardening Blog-Berry Go RoundBerry Go Round dazzles you with posts that tackle everything that has to do with gardening and the science of plants. The posts are contributed by gardening fanatics like you. Berry Go Round has a huge collection of plant science and gardening information from bloggers who contribute posts to this site. If you want to know the relationship between fungi and gardening, you might want to check out this site. It is a fairly new site but it is gathering forces as it goes on.

Best Gardening Blogs - Flat Bottom Flowers

Flat Bottom FlowersHave you always thought about having a garden but don't have a space for it? Take a cue from the blogger of Flat Bottom Flowers. When she first moved into the townhouse, she had to make do with their deck to create the garden she had always dreamed of. With no ground available, she turned to pots to make a garden of beautiful flowers and shrubs. Learn from her artistic and skillful ways on how to grow beautiful flowers in pots and how to turn an unlikely space into a beautiful garden. You will also learn about the varieties of plants and flowers that grow well even with the restriction of containers.

Best Gardening Blogs - A Way to Garden

A Way to Garden is jam-packed with loads of gardening information. The site offers informative gardening articles and other important information about plants, flowers, fruits and anything you can find in a garden. Visitor can also browse tour and workshop information. These workshops are headed by the head gardener herself, Margaret Roach. The FAQ section, slide shows, and an array of topics will give you plenty of ideas about gardening and plants in general. The site's forum is a place to throw your gardening questions and get immediate answers from other experienced gardeners.

A way to Garden

Best Gardening Blogs - In My Kitchen Garden

in My Kitchen Garden

Just like its author, Susan, In My Kitchen Garden promises a lot of gardening adventures. Following her passion for gardening, Susan waved goodbye to the world she knew and plunged into the unknown to fulfill her dreams. From kitchen tools to gardening tips, In My Kitchen Garden satisfies your curiosity. What makes this blog more appetizing are the author's garden recipes, ranging from salad dressing to vegetable soups. This is truly a one-stop blog where you can harvest ideas on how to turn your produce into delicious recipes.

Best Gardening Blogs - I Like Rare Plants

Gardening Blog-I like rare plants

The name of the blog says everything that you can possibly find in this site. The blogger is an avid fan of tropical fruits, tropical plants, and rare flowers and plants. One section is dedicated to giving scientific names to a number of common plants, flowers and fruits. If you are thinking about developing a garden of rare plants, then this blog can tell you about them and how to grow them. The blog also serves as a shopping site as you can order seeds of rare fruit species. Each kind of seed is given a description so you get an idea on what the fruit would taste like.

Best Gardening Blogs - Calendula and Concrete

Calendula and Concrete

If you are into organic gardening, Calendula and Concrete dishes out some of the best techniques and tips. Wondering how to get gardening done during snow days? Learn from the expert from this blog. There are also some appetizing recipes where the ingredients are freshly picked from the gardens. Organic gardening is one of the most rewarding hobbies because it allows you to fulfill your gardening dreams and be encouraged to have healthier meals. Schedules of food gardening classes are also featured in this blog.

Best Gardening Blogs - Heavy Petal

Gardening Blogs-Heavy Petal

Heavy Petal is an informative blog that covers seed balls and Asian veggies. The archive section includes posts that date as far back as 2005. It features information about community gardens where active gardeners can tend gardens beyond their own yards. If you want to try out this idea, more information can be found on this blog. If you are thinking about purchasing a gardening accessory, you might want to drop by Heavy Petal first to see if that certain accessory has been featured here to see if it is worth the trip to your local gardening shop.