If you have a big yard and a few large trees that blanket your yard with leaves, then you may want to consider a gas blower. A gas leaf blower is more convenient for getting around the yard, and is quite powerful.

If you are in the market for a gas blower, then here are a few things you may want to consider for your best option.

Most of the user friendly gas blowers are powered by a two stroke engine, and the higher the cc the more powerful. They usually start at around 20 cc and up. So, as a guide, if you have a good sized yard, say about 1/2 acre then you may want to consider something a bit bigger than the 20, or at least go for the 30 cc.

Now you have to decide on the style of gas blower you want to get. Here are three styles.

This type of gas blower takes the load out of your hands, otherwise they can get heavy if you have a large yard. By getting a backpack style gas blower, you take the strain off of your arms as well, and don't tire so easy, so you can do other yard work chores after!

It has a comfortable backpack setup, with lots of padding. and adjustable straps. Many people like this style for a large yard. The downfall to this backpack gas leaf blower is that it can blow only, there is no vacuum to this. You also need to be wearing ear protection as this machine ends up closer to your ears with it on your back. So, if all you want to do is blow the debris and leaves to one spot, and not actually vacuum them up, then this may work for you. The price tag is a little heavier for this style of leaf blower.

Smaller Hand Held Gas Blower

If you have a tiny yard, and you just don't like using a rake, or you don't want to hire the kid next door, then you may wan to invest in this hand held gas leaf blower.

These get the job done, and are much cheaper than the larger backpack style gas blower, but they are not all that convenient. If you are getting smaller, then they are usually a pull start and this can get awkward.

Backpack leaf blowergas blower backpack (26823)

If you only need a small one, then maybe you should consider an electric for small yards. If you are all about gas powered anything, then you can get these smaller ones, but they may need more maintenance.

Medium sized gas blowergas blower handheld (26824)

This works for larger yards, and where it is impossible to plug into an outlet. But don't get too large a machine, or you will need to take lots of breaks, or consider getting a backpack style one.

Consider the Neighbors

If you love to use your gas blower around your house, and you live in town, make sure you are wearing ear protection. A gas blower is more powerful for the job than an electric, but it also comes at the cost of peace in the neighborhood! If you prefer to use gas blowers, then don't be doing this at 7 am on a Saturday morning. Some townships are actually considering putting a limit on when these gas leaf blowers can be used.

If you live where there are not as many neighbors close by, then you can get as big a leaf blower as you want, put on your ear defenders and a mask and have fun, but if you live in town, and you still want a leaf blower, then maybe you should consider a small electric one for the sake of your neighbors!