So it's Halloween and you just realized you have nothing to wear. Nothing in your closet says, "Costume party" and it's only a few hours before the best parties of the year start. Do not fret. This is when geisha Halloween costumes come in really handy.

They are easy to assemble and often turn out great. You would definitely stand out of the crowd with this costume. Below are the instructions you need to follow carefully and in no time you should have your geisha costume.

To start with, gather the following materials: Silk robe, a scarf, sandals or flip-flops and a pair of white socks. Before we tackle the robe, let's be efficient and take care of the foot wear first.

The socks should be split between the big toe and the second toe. Do this by first marking the area on the pair then cutting it away and sew the ends together. It is important to split the socks so you can slip into your sandals or flip-flops easily and won't have to worry about slipping out.

Next is the robe. Put the silk robe on, making sure the sides overlap. You would want to fit the robe snugly enough to give you form but loose enough to prevent difficulty in movement. Take the scarf and wrap it a couple of times around your waist.

Make sure that it covers a wide area of your trunk. This will serve as the obi of the kimono. Tie the scarf securely at the back. For aesthetic purposes, you can make a really big bow or insert a small pillow at the back.

Put on your socks and slip in your flip-flops. Your geisha costume is now ready, but don't forget to double check. Thoroughly check if everything is in place and always bring something for repairs.

For the finishing touches, tie your hair up in a bun and add a nice comb or insert two chopsticks in right angles to each other. Of course, it wouldn't be a full geisha get-up without the distinctive make-up.

You can choose to paint your face and neck white like the traditional geishas or just use plain foundation for a more modern look. The accessorizing the eyes are very important to achieve the complete geisha look.

Use eyeliners and a few dark eye shadows to make your peepers pop and finally a red lipstick for your lips. The lips should be painted in a way where they would resemble a bottom heavy heart when pressed together.

You've done hair, make-up, costume and footwear thus you are now ready to go to that party and wow everybody. Who could have thought that Geisha Halloween costumes made from your old robe can save your night? If you're not in hurry, it is always best to rent costumes. You can find great deals online and in your local costume shops.