Are you looking for gently used ice skates for kids? Like many other hobbies and sports activities that kids get into,  ice skating and the accessories that go with it can be expensive. Financing a kid's extra-curricular activities can sometimes put a crunch on the family budget. With the best-quality ice skates for children costing over $100 dollars a pair, many families look to gently used bargains instead. Why? Because children simply don't wear the same size skate for very long. Whichever ice skate brand and model you buy, you can be sure they will outgrow them very quickly. This is very true if your young skater is between the ages of 5 through 16 years old.

Should Kids Wear Gently Used Ice Skates?

In my opinion, I don't think any harm would come to a child's foot bones if they were to spend a few hours a week wearing ice skates that were second-hand, but still fairly new. After some warm-up time and a few wearings, the leather should conform to the new owners foot shape very nicely. Getting advice from an instructor at your local rink is a great idea too.

 Buying And Selling Gently Used Ice Skates For Kids Is Popular

As you can see in the video at the end of this article, kids love to skate! It is such a wonderful pastime for families. Everybody gets to spend time together having fun and getting healthy exercise. The reality is that many parents would love to get their child brand-new ice skates every time they go up a size, but just can't afford to. It makes sense to look for gently used ones that are still in great condition.

 Surplus Children's Ice Skates Can Mean Good Bargains

Because growing children never stay in the same size footwear for very long, there is a surplus of "homeless"  ice skates that children have outgrown, but Mom and Dad don't want to toss out. Instead of giving them to charity or putting them in the garbage, put them to good use and list them for sale on a gently used sporting goods site. Second-hand sporting goods are a big business online; especially when it comes to children's sports.

 Find Gently Used Ice Skates For Kids To Buy Online

Did you know that there is an eBay equivalent to the gently used ice skates range  of goods online? That means parents can list their child's outgrown skates for sale and buy another pair in the right size all on the same website. Check out They describe themselves as a 24/7 marketplace for buying and selling gently used and new ice skates for kids and adults.

Ice Skating Is Fun For The Whole Family