A humidifier is a house appliance that releases steam or mist in the air. One product may cover the whole house or a specified room only. One humidifier has countless advantages for each member of the family.

A humidifier enhances the quality of air we breathe. This is because it adds moisture to the space covered by the device. It can significantly help people who are recovering from cough, colds and runny nose.

A humidifier also preserves paintings we have in the room. It also helps in preserving wooden furniture. More so, it also protects musical instruments like piano, guitar and more.

One type of humidifier that works for your health is a germ free humidifier. It eliminates bacteria in the water before it mixes with the air as a mist. This ensures the benefits of a standard humidifier plus making the air cleaner and safer.

A germ free humidifier gives us protection from allergies and asthma. This ensures the health of each member of the household. The overall result is an environment where one could easier breathe, along with the health benefits that it covers for the family.

There are a lot of brands that produces germ free humidifiers. Each of there brands has its distinct features designed to meet the expectations of each consumers.

Vicks UV germ free humidifier
is 99.999% effective. It ensures the extinction of bacteria, mold and spores. It operates round the clock in order to give you the utmost output in a humidifier.

It also has dual tanks so you can easily refill the product. Further, it has a multiple output settings so you can regulate the humidity inside the room. On top of it all, it contains a medicine cup.

The medicine cup facilitates Vicks Vaposteam. The Vicks Vaposteam secretes medicated vapor that calms down and addresses uneven breathing and aggravated nose condition.

Further, the product is quiet with its low humming sound. It keeps the room warm so it is an advantage during cold season. Further, it is low maintenance so there should be no hassle sustaining the product.

Another germ free humidifier is cool mist humidifier. This product is known for being quiet as compared to its contemporaries. It is tested to be 99.9% effective in killing the fungus and bacteria in the water.

Further, it has an antimicrobial filter that extends its life span to continuously provide you with a germ free air. It runs for 24 hours continuous. You will need to fill it at least 2 gallons per day in order to sustain the operation smoothly.

Another option you can choose from is Bionaire. It can be used in small areas. It is applicable for personal usage. It also guarantees 99.9% germ free mist.

It also has a built-in antimicrobial feature. This ensures that you will be breathing a cleaner air. Bionaire can be used for 10 hours non stop. It will automatically stop so you have to refill in order to sustain the operation.

A humidifier can provide you and your family a cleaner air. This contributes to a healthier you. Needless to state, health can not be measured by money.

More so, health is the most precious treasure we can have. Therefore, a germ free humidifier is one product that is definitely worth our hard earned money.