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Printable Gift Cards and Certificates

The winter holiday season is a busy and stressful time of year. There are several holidays and millions of folks buying gifts. Gift cards are great gifts any time, including birthdays, graduation, baby showers, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, thank you gifts, and just because, so make sure you know where to buy the best gift cards.

For procrastinating holiday shoppers caught in the last minute Christmas gift-giving rut, get online. Printable and e gift cards are quick and easy gifts. Many gift cards go unused, lost, and expired every year. To prevent giving bad gift cards consider an online, printable gift card or an email gift card redeemable through the merchant website. Some companies encourage gift card registration for easily available balances and access to re-loading (if it's a re-loadable card), like Starbuck's gift cards. Email and printable gift cards are available online from a variety of companies, offering the advantage of on time, immediate delivery.

The following are some of the best gift cards :

Amazon Gift Cards: Printable, Email, and Facebook Delivery Options

The best online, printable gift card is an Amazon gift card. Amazon has a huge inventory with low prices and great return policies. They sell books and their Kindle, but Amazon is a store front for merchants and individual shops which translates into customer access to millions of items payable with an Amazon gift card. You can buy the Amazon Kindle wireless reader or give Kindle gift cards, both sold by Amazon. Offering everything from grocery items to electronics, clothing, shoes, auto parts, sports equipment, books, and more, it's easy to redeem Amazon gift cards. They have a plastic gift card or email gift cards that can be printed at home, plus Facebook delivery (after which the gift card can be printed at home or used online). Card designs are chosen by the purchaser and can be classic Amazon gift card style or represent birthday, wedding, congratulations, holiday and other occasions.

Amazon gift cards do not expire making them the ideal e gift card idea because the consumer has a chance to wait for the perfect time to buy. Non expiring gift cards that can be tracked online are less likely to get wasted. Amazon also sells gift cards for other merchants including Home Depot, iTunes, Cabela's, Gamestop, AMC Theaters, Kohl's, Sephora, Outback Steakhouse, Target gift cards, and a long list of other merchant gift cards can be bought through Amazon for all occasions.

Amazon's plastic gift cards have free overnight mail delivery. Plastic gift cards are sold individually and by the case in a selected denomination. The plastic gift cards make great employee gifts, bonuses, contest awards, thank you gifts, Secretary's Day gifts, and as anytime incentive.

Apple iTunes Gift Certificate - iPhone Gift Cards

The iTunes gift card is one of the most requested and gifted gift cards. ITunes gift certificates are email delivered. An iTunes gift cards is printable. Apple iTunes gift certificates are sent through email and redeemed online with a certificate code. Plastic iTunes gift cards are available through Apple, Amazon, Safeway, Walgreen's, Gift Card Mall and others selling plastic cards like the Visa gift card. ITunes gift certificates and cards are nice because they give music, movies, and audio books, and are usable, convenient gifts whether last minute or planned. Along with the iTunes gift certificate and gift card is the Apple iTunes Allowance. This cool idea is a way to give monthly iTunes store credit ($10 to $50/month), a literal Apple iTunes Allowance. Apple also sells Apple iPhone gift cards.

Email Gift Cards

E cards and e gift cards are convenient, even if most still prefer to get the standard signed mailbox delivery card or a UPS shipment. Online gift cards save on shipping as well. The concept of e gift cards is very smart, speaking to the consumer of the go, to youth, and the hip internet and social media generation. With options to print gift cards at home or redeem online through an activation code, the e gift cards score big on convenience and ease of use. Many stores now offer printable gift cards, online gift cards or certificates, or email gift cards, like those e gift cards by Old Navy, REI, Pandora, Target, Macy's, Amazon, and Apple. Check your favorite store for printable gift cards or email gift card options.

Best Gift Certificate: Netflix Gift Certificates and Roku HD Box

Give Netflix gift certificates. Netflix gift certificates give access to movies, documentaries, HBO series, and popular shows like the Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Weeds, and OZ. Netflix gift certificates are unique. The Netflix gift certificate is variable so it can be tailored to the gift recipient's viewing habits. Netflix gift certificates are easy to give. Netflix plans go by the number of DVDs out at a time, like 3 DVDs for $13.99/month with unlimited instant viewing. When you give a Netflix gift certificate you pick the plan and pay for however long you want, so you can give one month or six months of Netflix. Gift certificate are valid for one year and the value returns to the purchaser if it doesn't get used. This is an ingenious idea. Visa gift cards and many others charge set up fees, non-use penalties, and they expire. Netflix gift certificate don't waste money. Roku Stream Netflix and Amazon On Demand

The Roku box is a perfect gift to give along with a Netflix gift certificate. The Roku box is an awesome device that streams instantly from Netflix and Amazon On Demand. Roku adds new stuff all the time. Roku offers 40,000+ movies, new TV shows, the MLB channel, music, Facebook connection and even has an Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) channel. The cheapest Roku box works great and adds value to a subscription to Netflix and instant streaming.

Final Gift Card Shopping Tip for Email and Printable Gift Cards

Email gift cards can be personalized. Gift cards might seem to some like a cop out because it's such a simple and easy gift idea, but the gift of choice is always good. Although the news reports about unredeemed gift cards, so what. Buy the best gift cards and don't worry. Gift cards are easy and safe. Email gift cards insulate the sender and receiver from any mail disruptions like mail theft or delay. Add a personalized message then send the printable gift card or e gift certificate.

Trading gift cards is a growing trend. Ultimately, it is out of your hands as far as what happens to the e gift card after you send it. If someone is saving up their gift cards to trade on one of the gift card trading sites, then so be it. The best thing that you can do in that case is make sure that you buy gift cards with good value, and that included being a no expiration data gift card. Always buy gift cards through reputable businesses and keep the receipt.