School teacher gifts for the end of the year, Christmas, or just to say thank you.

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Anyone that knows a teacher, knows that summers are not really bonus weeks off; summers off are comp time for the 50 to 60 hours a week (or more) and weekends they put in during the school year. Holidays and the end of the year have become traditional times to give gifts to your child’s school teacher to say thank you for their dedication. But teachers do not need more “best teacher” mugs or trinkets for an already cluttered desk. The best gifts for a teacher will show your appreciation and benefit the teacher and/or the classroom.

FoodGifts for a Teacher Ideas Gifts for a Teacher

Candy and sweets are the easy gifts to give. But teachers too often come home with a stack of candy boxes and gift bags full of sweets that they then pass out to family and friends in order to get rid of all that candy, cookies, and cupcakes. Food can be a good gift, but don’t head to the candy aisle. Think of something more unique and maybe a little healthier and interesting. Some ideas may be a Henry and David or other specialty gourmet food gift basket. You could also put together a unique food gift basket by shopping at the local farmer’s market or local businesses. If you know your teacher gets through the day with coffee or tea, put together an assortment of gourmet coffees or teas as a gift.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are certainly appropriate and thoughtful teacher thank you gifts. This way you can spoil your teacher and she or he can get exactly what he or she wants. Some ideas for gift cards for teachers: local spa, general shopping like Target or Walmart, restaurant, coffee shop, movies, nice department store such as Macy’s, or even a mall gift card. If you don’t know your teacher’s likes and interests then opt for a gift card to someplace with lots of general shopping options such as a mall store or Target.

For the Classroom

You can also give a gift to the classroom as the appreciation gift or in addition to the teacher’s personal gift. Most teachers spend some of their own money every year to keep the classroom stocked and have supplies for special projects they want to add to the curriculum. Therefore, most teachers will appreciate a gift to the classroom as much, or more, than a personal gift. If you spend time in the classroom, then you probably already know what supplies need replenishing. If not, some ideas for gifts for the classroom include art supplies, electric pencil sharpener, stapler and staples, EXPO markers for the white board, post-it notes, wipes to wipe down tables, pencils, hand sanitizer, baby wipes to clean kids hands and tables, and anything from the beginning of the year wish list. These are all items classrooms always run out of or break by the end of the year. If you are not sure what to give for the classroom’s needs, give a gift card to a book store, Target, Walmart, Lakeshore, Discount School Supply, or even cash.


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Personal Thank You Card

Include in your gift a personal thank you card from you and your child. This is a good opportunity to teach your child about thank you cards and showing appreciation. And you don’t have to spend any money on this; you and your child can make a homemade card. Have your child practice what they learned in school and write what they appreciate, enjoy learning, or what their favorite school moment with the teacher has been.

How Much Should You Spend on Gifts for a Teacher?

How little or how much you spend on gifts for a teacher is really up to you and your budget. If you can, consider giving a gift for the teacher and the classroom. If your budget is tight, do not feel you need to give a purchased gift at all. A homemade personal card or note from your child made with supplies you have around the house will most likely be the gift your teacher keeps and remembers the most.