Two Glass Teakettles that are Right for You

Brewing excellent tea requires top notch resources, and picking up one of the best glass teapots for sale goes a long way toward making your job easier. For decades, glass teapots have had an underground following as a purer, better way to brew tasty teas without contamination. Heat resistant glass contains unique properties that metal and ceramic teapots don't have.

Perhaps you're looking for a teakettle that's easy to clean. What about one that lets you taste the tea, and nothing else, like the tangy metallic residue that often accompanies tea made in low grade steel teapots? Glass is a modern solution to the inconveniences and undesirable barriers that prevent you from extracting the finest tea around. Despite multiple glass models on the market, two of the best are just a click away, and it's easy to see why they stand out.

The BonJour Glass Teapot

Bonjour's borosilicate crafted design is handily one of the highest quality glass teapots out there. This forty two ounce teakettle brings together sleekness and zen-like efficiency. The blown glass of each unit is invitingly curved in an impressive display that turns your tea making sessions into an art exhibit.

The stainless steel infuser sits comfortably in the teapot's body, without occupying space to the point where your tea producing volume is reduced. Though metallic taste from steel is always a concern, it seems that the BonJour Glass Teapot has adequately marginalized the chances of this happening by keeping the mesh thin and scarce. A sturdy bamboo handle hangs over the teapot's body, allowing you to easily pick it up off the stove, without any worries about getting burned.

BonJour's Glass Teapot contains plenty of extras. A bamboo tea scoop and thorough cleaning instructions for keeping your tea quality optimal accompany each unit. Truly, this glass teapot is a wise master whose reliable presence encourages tea generating excellence.

Flowering Tea Set by Primula (PTA-4009)

Not far behind the BonJour teakettle is Primula's self-described Flowering Tea Set. Besides the forty ounce glass teapot, Primula has generously included a host of goodies certain to delight the average tea aficionado. Six flowering teas that grow from pods into gorgeous and fragrant tea flowers, along with several loose leaf varieties, ship with this model.

The glass teapot itself is made from a reinforced borosilicate glass, not unlike the one produced by BonJour. However, the tea infuser with this model is glass too, which nicely banishes any fears of metallic contamination in your tea. The only downside is that this adds an extra step to cleaning, but any tea lover who demands total purity shouldn't have trouble paying this small added labor cost. Pick up the Primula Flowering Tea Set for an instant tea party that's compatible with all varieties, whether you prefer the subtle taste of flowering teas or black teas with good health benefits.

Note that although borosilicate glass is quite durable, you should take care when you're moving and cleaning glass teapots. They won't shatter or scratch with light impacts. Yet, more substantial damage may occur, if they encounter serious blows. Handle your teakettles gently!

Consumer demands for quality are only certain to grow along with the popularity of tea drinking. Fortunately, Primula and BonJour are producing the best glass teapots for sale, ensuring that tracking down reputable tea makers remains easy and affordable.

BonJour 42 Ounce Glass Teapot With Infuser
Primula Flowering Glass Teapot Set