Best Books on Gold and Silver

My top picks.

One way you can easily learn about investing in gold and silver is to read the best gold and silver investment books. There are a ton of gold and silver books out there to choose from, but only a couple are really worth reading. I have read almost every gold and silver investing book out there and hope that these top picks can help you better understand the sector and ultimately make you some money.

The Collapse of the Dollar - and How to Profit From It

Many people out there - myself included - believe that we are in for a roller-coaster of a decade when it comes to our currency and it's purchasing power. It is quite possible that the United States dollar could colThe Collapse of the Dollar - And How to Profit From ItCredit: Amazon.comlapse, sending gold and silver to the moon. Some experts believe this could happen as soon as 2013, if more quantitative easening (aka money printing) is introduced.

In this book, The Collapse of the Dollar and How to Profit from It, financial gurus James Turk and John Rubino show how the dollar has gotten to this point. Our financial situation is VERY serious, and it seems like there is just too many problems facing the worldwide economy.

Turk and Rubino show readers why they think the dollar will continue to plunge to its ultimate worth - ZERO! All fiat currencies (that is, "money" backed by nothing) have gone to zero. Taking the dollar off the gold standard could in fact turn out to be a terrible decision. This book is more for someone who is familiar with the sector.

The ABCs of Gold Investing

The title says it all. All the basics are here. If you are new to the scene and want a book to give you The ABC's of Gold InvestingCredit: Amazon.comthe scoop on gold, I think this is it. This book gives you plenty of information on how to buy gold, where to store gold, and which kinds of gold you can buy, building wealth but also protecting your assets with gold, the history of gold, and more. 

Buying gold certainly can be a daunting task, but with proper reading you will understand the sector better, and this book can help. 

Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver: Protect Your Financial Future - By Mike Maloney

While the ABCs gave you just that, and the Collapse of the Dollar was quite an interesting read, I believe that the Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver By Mike MaloneyCredit: Amazon.comRich Dad's Advisor series, "Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver" by Mike Maloney is the best book out there on gold and silver investing.

Not only does this book give you useful information on the reasons for owning gold, how to buy and even tips on when to sell gold, it gives you the FULL story on how we got into the financial mess we are in today. In some ways, the book is more about history of money and monetary policy, than on investing in gold and silver!

Robert Kiyosaki has said several times that Mr. Maloney is one of the smartest and most knowledgable people he knows, that he "knows a lot of stuff!" Maloney is certainly an expert in the field, and he has bet his entire life on gold and silver investing. He is VERY passionate in his work and it definitely had a big effect on this reader. This book will change everything you thought you knew about "money," period, and I hope you check it out ASAP.

I hope this list encourages you to start reading gold and silver investment books. I've attached a Youtube video of Mike Maloney, a must-watch interview with Ron Paul. Cheers.