What to expect

Sunglasses are an essential part of long golf games to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun. While some people do not like to wear sunglasses during their actual playing time, they are nice to have when others are playing or while watching live golf. Look for glasses that have polarized lenses to reflect the glare of the sun, full spectrum UVA and UVB protection, glasses that offer several different colors of lenses to match different lighting conditions and glasses that can have prescription lenses if you wear glasses. Best Polaroid Sunglasses recommends the Vector Golf sunglasses for superior vision and interchangeable lenses for golfing. Best Golf Sunglasses.com recommends the Bolle Recoil Sunglasses for a sporty and professional look on the golf course. Best Polaroid Sunglasses also recommends the Smith Optics Breakbeat sunglasses for a stylish and affordable option.

Common pitfalls

The problem with some golfing sunglasses is that they are built more for style rather than use. The wrong kind of glasses can hamper your ability to see during games and to judge the best place to aim the ball. Many of the glasses sold for golfing do not have interchangeable lenses for different lights. Yellow lenses are perfect for foggy or low light conditions. Dark lenses work best in full sun conditions. Since most sunglasses do not allow for changes in lighting, the vision that the produce may hamper game play. Another problem with some golfing glasses is that they are more expensive than some people may wish to pay for their glasses.

Where to buy

You can buy golfing sunglasses at golfing stores and sporting goods stores. On an actual golf course, you may be able to find pro-recommended glasses at the course store. Well known sporting goods stores like REI, Sports Authority and Dick's Sporting Goods will offer a wide selection of the top golfing sunglasses brands including Bolle, Smith Optics, Vector, Prada and Kaenon. Online retailers like Amazon.com may also have a choice of several top golf sunglasses brands.


Golfing sunglasses can cost a large chunk of money. This is due to their versatility, and the fact that many designer brands make golfing sunglasses. Expect to pay between $50 and $200 for a pair of quality golfing sunglasses. The Vector Golf sunglasses cost around $60. The Bolle Recoil Sunglasses cost around $70. The Smith Optics Breakbeat sunglasses cost around $90.