Google is the by far the most used search engine by people the world over. Now if you have a blog or a website to which you want to get traffic to there are two ways of doing that.

 The first way of getting traffic to you site is using the SEO techniques to rank well in the Google search engine. Such kind of traffic is known as the organic traffic. In essence you do not pay for that traffic and all the visitors that you get on the site is because of the fact that you rank high for the keywords that you are targeting.

 The second way is to use the Adwords campaigns to get traffic and that is known as the paid traffic. In essence in this case you may or may not rank high for the keywords however you use Adwords campaign to bring traffic to your site.

 Using Adwords means that you will have to spend money to run an Adwords campaign. In the brick and mortar world example it will be similar to advertising campaigns that you will do to attract visitors or customers to buy your product. 

Running a successful Adwords campaign and resources

The first thing that you need to do to run a successful campaign is to make sure that you go to Google Adwords site and then learn everything you can from there.

 The second way to teach you about Adwords is to get yourself all the knowledge by reading some books. There are well known authors who have written books which will help you learn the ins and outs of Adwords.

 The third way is to outsource the running of the campaigns to an experience consultant. There are a lot of consultants who will devise and run an entire Adwords strategy for you.

 I have definitely preferred the second option as then you can save money on the consultants. The third option is to be done once you have made enough money and are ready to outsource. 

Best book on Adwords

The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords by Perry Marshall is the one which I have used to learn the basics and I can say that it is good for starting your first Adwords campaign.  With this book you also get a $75 credits using Google Adwords promotion code or promo code . Effectively that means that you can use those $75 for running a campaign worth $75 for free.

 For some advanced advice you should use the book Advanced Google AdWords by Brad Geddes.

 The third one which I have used is the book by Andrew Goodman which is called as the Winning Results with Google Adwords.

 I am sure that there are many out there which will tell you all about Adwords however these three above are good ones and they have been written by people who are considered as experts in this field.