Greek Goddess Costume

I love that special month of the year when every possible creature comes out to play. There is not a historical figure or imaginary hero that will not be seen on this cool fun month. Witches, mermaids, princesses and goddesses are no exemption.

Of course, I am talking about people in costumes. However, because of your busy schedule, it often comes as a surprise that you have nothing to wear on this costume-filled month.

This is when the Greek goddess Halloween costumes come into play since it is the easiest to make. You would want something unique, eye-catching and easy to wear, but last minute shopping can be a drag.

Costume shops had most likely already rented them out. If you still have time, you can check online so that your choices will not be limited to what is available in your area. However, if you don't have time to spare, you can always do it yourself.

Often, people refer to them as togas and are staples in college parties as they are easy to do and light to wear. So how do you make a great toga when pressed for time? Here are the materials you will need and the steps to follow.

To make a Greek goddess toga you need a long fabric such as a bed sheet or a curtain in white or purple. The fabric should be long enough to reach your ankles and wide enough to wrap around you one and a half times.

Choose safety pins strong enough to hold the fabric together and a gold belt to wrap around your waist. For decorative purposes, you can choose pins that already have gold decorations on them or you can use short glitter straps or emblems that you can add on the pins later.

First, fold the fabric lengthwise. Mark the two areas where you can pin the fabric together. The space between the pins is the neckline and should be wide enough that the fabric will just sit on your shoulders.

You should have one closed side where you folded the fabric and another open side. Locate the open side and pin the top corner. From the pin to the side of the fabric, both left and right, are the sleeves that will accommodate your arms.

Next, snugly wrap the belt around you and adjust the fabric so you will have no problems moving. Add the final touches by wearing gladiator sandals or any sandals with gold effect and a few glittering decorations on your hair.

Feel free to be imaginative and create more Greek goddess Halloween costumes. The best part of this unique and easy costume is that all the materials can be re-used and no sewing!

If you don't want to go through all the trouble the next time around, plan at least a week ahead of the party. Check out the local stores and if you can't find anything you like, browse the internet. There are thousands of costumes to choose from.