If you've read the story, "Green Eggs and Ham," as a child then you know that there are some foods that simply don't look appealing. Some people consider the color green in food to be one of those instances. Even so, you'll definitely be missing out if you pass on drinking a green smoothie.

A green smoothie simply includes a green vegetable that is chock full of nutrients that are vital to your health. If you drink a green smoothie it might taste a little different if all you've had in the past were fruit smoothies.

Do yourself a favor and give one of these a whirl. You'll probably end up surprising yourself at how good they really are. As an added bonus your energy levels and concentration should go up as well.

Green Banana

You will need:

1 banana
1 cup spinach
Lemon juice
4 ice cubes
1 cup milk

Mix all of these ingredients together. You should notice that the mixture starts to turn a bit green. That's very natural! While it might make your family scoff a little bit you'll definitely have the healthiest drink on the block. As soon as you taste it, your green drink will be a no brainer decision from here on out!

Orange and Chard

You will need:

1 banana
1 peeled orange
1 cup chard
3 ice cubes
2 scoops ice cream

Mix all of these together! Again, your drink will turn green but there is no reason to panic. You'll simply have one of the best tasting smoothies around.

Now, if you're finding the green flavor to be a little hard to stomach you can always try to cover it up by adding more fruit. This is not a problem as the more fruit you add, the healthier your drink will be!

This method of making a green smoothie is a great idea because it will "trick" your family members into eating healthy, green foods. Once they decide that they like what you're offering them after al you can let them in on the secret.

Making a green smoothie is a great step toward health. There are many different greens that you could add to give your smoothie that special glow. If you're having trouble with the taste there are always ways to tweak the recipe so that isn't a problem anymore.

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