Grind and brew coffee makers are a must-have for coffee addicts. This is because they always deliver a good and freshly brewed cup of coffee. The problem has always been their cost but you can get a good coffee machine that grinds for less than $200 nowadays.

Sifting through the various brands and models of grind and brew coffee makers to determine the best is a major source of headache for most coffee addicts. I attempt a review of what I call the three best grind and brew coffee makers below:

Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder

The Capresso 464.05 has all the bells and whistles of a standard grind and brew coffee machine. It is fully programmable, has an integrated conical burr grinder, a pause brew feature, a stainless steel carafe, 2 hour safety shutoff (to prevent fires resulting from overheating kitchen appliances) and can brew to your desired strength and aroma.

Pros and Cons of Capresso 464.05

Like any good thing in life, this 2-in-1 coffee machine has postives and negatives. I start off by looking at the positives.

Advantages of the Capresso 464.05

  • Can Brew Coffee with or without the grinder. This is a huge plus as you can enjoy your coffee machine either as a regular brewer or as a grind and brew model.
  • Outstanding Coffee Quality. Most coffee machines brew coffee that is nothing to write home about but the Capresso 464.05 delivers excellent and fresh coffee anytime you want it, in different variations, as you can try out different beans and grind to different consistencies. This enables you to come up with a unique coffee brew that is made to your specification.
  • Brews Just the Amount of Coffee You Need. Whether you’re making coffee for a group or yourself, you don’t have to fret as this coffee maker brews from 2 to 10 cups automatically, grinding just the right amount of beans with no mistake.
  • Unlike Other Grind and Brew Coffee Machines, Cleanup of the Capresso 464.05 is damn easy. The filter basket is amazingly easy to remove and clean; this makes the cleaning of the coffee maker less of a nightmare. You just need to try out other grind and brew coffee machines to appreciate this.

Disadvantages of the Capresso 464.05

  • The grinding is pretty loud. Many users complain about the noise of the coffee grinder; they say it’s not pleasant and can wake you up. One would have thought Capresso would put some sort of sound insulation in the grind chamber, but that’s just how it is.
  • Coffee taste alteration due to coffee grounds remaining. One minor issue about this brewer is that it leaves a few coffee grounds in the machine after grinding. This could be a problem when switching coffee beans as the coffee would be a mixture of two different types of beans and the taste won’t be pleasant. The other problem is that if the coffeemaker is not used for some time, say a week, the stale coffee grounds blend with the new grounds and change the taste of the coffee. To enjoy fresh tasting coffee for as long as possible, endeavour to wash the coffee chamber and use new coffee beans. On its part, Capresso recommends you clean the grind chamber if the machine is left unused for more than 7 days.
  • The carafe keeps the coffee at an acceptable temperature and not as hot as people would like it. It does keep it for a few hours though.
  • The machine uses a large amount of coffee for every brewing cycle when set on the grind and brew function.

Despite these minor concerns, this machine is a good investment for a coffee addict. It’s easy to set up and use. I highly recommend it.

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker, Brushed Stainless/Black

Like the Capresso 464.05 brewer, the Cuisinart DGB-900 Grind and Brew Coffee Maker has all the features of excellent coffee machines that grind. It has the automatic shutoff, integrated burr grinder, brew-pause function, it’s fully programmable, and can brew upto 12 cups of excellent-tasting coffee. It has 3 years limited warranty.

Differences Between the Capresso 464.05 Grind and Brew Thermal and Cuisinart DGB-900 Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

  • The Cuisinart DGB-900 grind and brew machine can brew from 2-12 cups, while the Capresso 464.05 can brew 2-10 cups.
  • The Cuisinart DGB-900 grind and brew does not have a grind setting to change the coarseness of the coffee, so, the grind appears to be too coarse. The Capresso 464.05, on the other hand, has five grind settings from coarse to fine.
  • The Cuisinart DGB-900 coffee maker uses way too much coffee beans in between brews. A user mentioned it using 4 oz of beans instead of 2.5 oz of beans per 10-12 cup pot.
  • Cleaning up the Cuisinart DGB-900 coffee machine is not so easy like that of the Capresso 464.05 grind and brew.
  • The mechanism to pour coffee from the carafe does not always work perfectly; it pours slowly and tends to drip.  What usually happens is, it works well when pouring out from a mostly full carafe, but to get the last cup or two from the bottom, you have to take the lid off. If you don’t, it drips all over the counter.
  • The machine doesn’t seem to recognise the level of water you put in; if you set it to grind coffee for 8 cups and you put 10 cups of water in it, it will brew all the 10 cups of water.

KRUPS KM7000 10-Cup Grind and Brew Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder, Black

Completely programmable, the Krups KM7000 grind and brew makes up to 10 cups of coffee (unlike the Cuisinart DGB-900 which brews up to 12 cups), has five grind settings and three coffee strength settings (just like the Capresso 464.05). It also has automatic shut-off, 2-10 cup digital settings and a 2-year worldwide limited warranty. Just like the others, it boasts of a conical burr grinder which makes grinding coffee beans a breeze.

Differences I Spotted Among the Krups KM7000, Cuisinart DGB-900 and Capresso 464.05 Grind and Brew Machines

The grinder of the Krups KM7000 is relatively quieter than the other grinders. Daily clean up is a breeze when compared to the CuisinartDGB-900. Unlike the other grind and brew thermals, Krups KM7000 uses less coffee to produce the ideal cup strength, thereby saving consumers money! A user even talked about the fact that it uses about half the quantity of beans when compared to other brewing machines. And that what he would have saved on coffee beans in 10 months can safely pay for the price of the coffee maker. Upon all, it does not leak or drip, like the Cuisinart DGB-900.

If you’re a coffee lover, consider getting one of these three grind and brew machines as they can add a lot of verve to your coffee-drinking habit! What’s more, they all cost less than $2oo! You can search amazon for more grind and brew coffee machines and save yourself some money. You also get to read user reviews and discount deals. If you want to know more about coffee machines that grind, read this article.