Sometimes when people want to meditate they do it best by using a guided meditation CD. This can be especially helpful for stress to help people relax and get into the mood. Medical specialists say that one of the best ways to help someone forget their stress and worries can be through meditation.

Plus, meditation is easy, cheap and you don’t need special gear to do it. You can also do it in almost any setting like walking, resting, waiting in lines, etc. It is something that people have been doing for centuries for both spiritual and medical reasons.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation offers users a way to get calmer and put more serenity into their lives. It can be especially helpful for those who need to be more relaxed such as someone with high blood pressure, or some other thing that stress can worsen such as depression, pain, tiredness, being anxious, etc.

You can learn all about mediation from books or online, and you can use CDs to help you to do it. There are many kinds of meditation CDs, and the next section will review two highly rated meditation CDs you can buy.

Best CDs for Meditation

If you want to learn how to do meditation, then here is two of the best guided meditation CDs to try:

Guided Meditations: For Calmness, Awareness, and Love Biography by Bodhipaska.

This meditation CD was created by Scotsman Graeme Stephen, who became a Buddhist instructor and writer. His CD has helped many people to learn how to do meditation and consists of three different meditations that are in traditional Buddhist form. It is rated 4.3 stars on

It is meant to be an example of meditation CDs for stress and to help the users to learn how to be more calm and self-aware, as well as help them to be more appreciative and loving.

There is no music on it, as that is not how Buddhist meditations are conducted, but you don’t have to be Buddhist to enjoy its relaxing nature. Anyone can buy it and benefit from its words and learn to have a calm and relaxed nature.

Here is information and reviews on the three meditations on the CD:

Mindfulness of Breathing

This is meant to be done in four steps, and to help the meditator get to know their body through relaxation, breathing methods, and certain posturing of their body. Users reported that it was one of the best meditation CDs that they had ever tried and that it was truly helpful to give them more balance and less stress.

Metta Bhavana Practice

"Metta" means love, kindness, and being friendly, while "Bhavana" means cultivation or developing, therefore this part of the CD is meant to help a user develop loving and kind feelings towards others. It is done in five steps with certain kinds of posture, breathing, relaxation and being more aware of the user’s emotions and being.

Walking Meditation

The third is a way of using walking to make a user more aware of their body, emotions, mind, and senses and to help learn not to let your mind wander. It is a form of meditation that can be done while walking on the way to a destination. Walking while thinking and listening to this meditation is said to be beneficial for a person’s well-being and good health and best of all it is free.

This last meditation on this CD will help the user to get in touch with their inner being and learn how to do this meditation while walking along and thinking about their bodies, mind, emotions, and so much more. The reviews have dozens of users giving it five stars and thus rating it very highly amongst some of the other similar CDs for meditation you can find.

Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace: A Guided Imagery Meditation for Physical & Spiritual Wellness by Susan Mantell

The second example of one of the best guided meditation CDs to try is this special half-hour CD full of gentle narration and several meditation techniques to help relieve stress. This particular CD has also been approved for use by health care professionals to help get rid of tension, to help you to sleep and more, as the music in it is a soft form of music that goes along with the narration to sooth the user as they learn how to do meditation through the CD.

Reviews by others say that it is very highly rated, getting 4.4 stars on The Library Journal, for instance, said that it helps users to have a healthier life and to be more positive. It praises Mantell’s voice and says she is perfect for helping the users to relax while they listen to her meditation CD and learn to forget about their troubles.

Both Ladies Home Journal Magazine and Billboard both agree and say that she has a very soothing voice and that the users will feel very refreshed and relaxed and that the music helps people feel peaceful. She is said to have a unique way of reading the material to help guide users into the world of meditation.

This example of one of the meditation CDs for stress has won several awards. For example, it won the Best Audio by Publisher’s Weekly Magazine, as well as Best Selling Audio Book by


These are only two examples of meditation CDs for stress that can be purchased and used by people who want to learn how to do meditation to help them be healthier and happier and less worried or stressed out. Meditation is recommended to help people who want to learn to concentrate better and to better understand themselves and the world around them in a unique and special fashion.

If you are interested in meditation, you can also talk to your doctor or medical professional about it and they can recommend other meditation CDs or literature to read. You can also find out about it online or in books.