Getting a great guitar sound is the result of a nice playing guitar and a good amplifier. Often the sound of your guitar can be improved simply by replacing your regular guitar cable with a high quality guitar cable.  This can dramatically improve your guitar sound especially if you were hearing pops and hisses thorough your amplifier with a poor quality guitar cable. In this article we’ll examine some of the best guitar cables you can buy to improve your overall guitar sound.

Spectraflex Original Series Right Angle Instrument Cable

Spectraflex makes some amazing guitar cables which are covered in a cloth sheath. This cables never tangle and fold easily for storage. You can get them with right-angle plugs for guitars that have the input jack on the side of the instrument. These right-angle plugs are ideal because you want squish the guitar cable end piece when you have the guitar on your lap which can damage the plug over time. Spectraflex cables come in a wide variety of custom colors such as black, tweed, blue, green and more. I have used these cables for many years and have been very satisfied with the results from the cable. if you want one of the best guitar cables around, this is the one to buy.

Pyle Pro Premium Quality Cable

Another great fabric shielded cable comes from Pyle Pro. These come with premium quality abrasion resistant high temperature PVC jackets.  They are shielded for maximum noise reduction and the fabric makes them fold easily for storage. You’ll get a good sound using these types of shielded guitar cables and they will last you forever provided you take good care of them.

Fender Vintage Volt Tweed 18 Ft Electric Instrument Cable

When you want an extra-long shielded guitar cable the fender Volt Tweed 18ft cable is a great buy. These cables come with the cloth covering so they are easy to fold and store and you'll avoid tangles in the cable too. The plug is covered in some extra plastic to prevent it from bending and breaking the delicate wires of the cable during heavy use. Since this is a Fender product you are getting a cable of high quality which will last you for a long time. This makes a perfect pairing for that new Fender Stratocaster or other high quality guitar.

Monster P500-I-12 Performer 500 1/4-Inch Instrument Cable

Monster makes some very good cables that will improve your guitar tone. This model features a balanced design for accurate frequency response and range. The 95% copper-braided shield helps to eliminate noise and brings your sound more clarity. The jacket is an extra flexible Duraflex so it's reliable.

Pedal Cables

Your instrument sound is important but so is the signal for your pedals or pedal board. Make sure you buy high-quality cables for your pedals so you get the best sound possible. Braided fabric cables are the best here such as those from Spectraflex but others will work as well.

Guitar Cables to Avoid and Tips

You should not use the guitar cables that come with guitar packages. For the most part these cables are quite cheap and won’t last you for a long time. For a student these are fine but if you are serious able your guitar tone you’ll want to purchase a good quality cable and the ones with braided fabric are your best choices for a high-quality cable.  Cheap guitar cables will break often and you’ll just end up wasting your money on them when you can buy a decent cable and have it last for years. Make sure you buy brand name guitar cables and don’t settle for cheap imitations since you won’t get and quality from these cables.  If you have cables that tend to tangle make sure you use ties to keep the able from tangling when you’re not using it or just replace the cable with one that doesn’t tangle on you. Only buy the length of guitar cable that you need. If your moving around on stage a lot you’ll probably want and 18ft cable or longer. A cable this long isn’t needed if you’re just sitting on your bed with a small practice amp so buy a cable that’s going to work for you.

Improve Your Guitar Sound with the Best Guitar Cables

Enjoy and improved guitar tone with high-quality guitar cables. Don’t settle for cheap cables since they won’t give you a good tone and will break easily with moderate use. A good braided cable with fabric is your best option. Have fun playing guitar and keep jamming with the best guitar cables.