Best Guitar Teachers On Youtube

Youtube has changed the way guitarist learn their instrument. No longer are players limited to learning from stilted magazine articles, overpriced mail order videos or if they are lucky, off their friends. Now anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can receive free lessons from some of the best teachers in the world, most with high quality video and sound. No matter what style or genre you are interested in or your current skill level, I'm sure the following teachers will help you move from guitar novice to guitar hero in no time as you leverage the ability to replay key parts and see exactly what the instructor is teaching.

Justin Sandercoe -

With a full website to back up his lessons, Justin is the undisputed king of guitar tuition on Youtube. He runs 2 channels on Youtube, this one is purely for lessons on technique and genre playing, his other channel is focused on accurately playing individual songs. Justin's lessons start with the very basic, from tuning the guitar and changing strings to basic chords and chord changes. Once the basics are in place, his lessons extend to show how to play simple but recognizable songs with the skills that he has already taught.
For the more intermediate player, Justin extends his lessons into advanced guitar rhythms, scales, modes and arpeggios. Justin also comprehensive covers string bending, vibrato, bend vibrato, natural and artificial harmonics and finger style playing. After learning all of these techniques, Justin shows you how to apply them to blues guitar playing, with over 22 lessons, rock guitar with an additional 12 lessons and jazz guitar with 26 lessons.
The thing that makes Justin the premier guitar teacher on Youtube isn't just the breadth of the content but the effective and easy to understand way that he explains the material. Each lesson has outstanding video and sound quality and is well paced, going slow enough for the student to understand without making the lessons drag on. He also plays each concept at varying speeds, from full pace down to very slowly so you can both here the piece at its intended speed and see exactly how it is played.
Honestly, guitar wise the only thing better on Youtube then Justin Sandercoe's technique page is his song page, where he puts the same level of detail and quality into accurately teaching students how to play popular songs.

Rock On Good People -

The Youtube channel for nextlevelguitar dot com, this channel is a treasure trove of material for guitarist of all levels. Covering all aspects of guitar playing, from how to hold the guitar to advance metal solos, basic power chords to jazz improvisation, if you can't find it here it is not likely to be on Youtube. The beauty of this channel is that lessons are presented by a variety of tutors, giving a variety of presentations and styles, but all generally of high quality. I personally find some of the presenters better than others, although they are all very good in their field, I just find some grating. Thankfully, different presenters cover very similar topics so if you do find one teacher you can't connect with, chances are that another has covered something similar. My personal favourite is Marty, his lesson on the blues have increased my skills and my chops.


Youtube is a treasure trove of lessons for guitarist of all lessons. The 2 channels above are amongst the best teachers on Youtube and guitarists of all levels will find years with of lessons to improve their playing.