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There is no doubt that the quality of a gym and the atmosphere it offers is part of what can help motivate people to exercise, something we all should strive to do that will be much easier to accomplish at one of the 5 best gyms in London.  Whether one looks at more expensive gyms or cheap gyms in London, it is vital that he or she finds a place that is comfortable and fits with the type of workout that is most appealing to the individual.  When shopping for a gym membership one should decide if he or she prefers a basic gym or is more interested in a fancier health club.  One should then check out facilities in that category seeking out trials that offer a short term free gym membership or perhaps a week long free gym pass that will allow one to get a feel for the gym before he or she buys an expensive or even a cheap gym membership.  When listing the 5 best gyms in London one should include the following, most of which will be glad to offer a free gym pass or a short, week or so long, free gym membership to those that wish to learn more about their facilities:

Jubilee Hall Sports Centre

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Definitely one of the top 5 gyms in London, this centre offers fairly cheap gym memberships and a sort of community atmosphere.  While there is no swimming pool, there is a good mix of people in all stages of physical condition making this a comfortable place for all kinds of people to use for workouts.  The facility is very large and offers several classes every week for those who need a more structured workout.  There is even a café with Wi-Fi for before or after exercising.


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This facility has more than one location and one has a state of the art swimming pool.  The main space is centered on a large boxing ring.  The facility offers several classes designed to be modern and intriguing such a spinning classes that are based on biking tours and classes designed around a particular artist’s music. Despite the boxing focus, this gym has just over 50% female membership.  Not as inexpensive as some, and definitely a hip mix of a gym and a nightclub, this is a great place to work out.  One can book a tour where he or she might inquire about a free pass or other trial prior to signing up for a longer term membership.

Aegis Training Ltd         

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For those looking for a set number of treatments or a set work out geared individually this is the place to go.  There is no joining fee as one simply contracts for exactly the number of sessions desired up front.  This facility is comfortable and state of the art all at the same time.  It offers more individualized and personalized attention which is part of what makes it one of the top 5 gyms in London.  One can choose to work in small groups or can opt for private one-on-one training.  The goal here is intensive workouts designed to help one become fit and then maintain his or her fitness over time. 

The Third Space

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This multi-level gym has a climbing wall, a boxing ring, and a swimming pool and so much more.  Members have access to over 130 free classes a week.  Equipment is modern and well-maintained and plentiful.  There is a juice bar, free Wi-Fi, and even a DJ to work out to a few nights a week.  For those seeking cheap gym memberships this may not be the best place to look although one can find some excellent deals and special offers for this and other gyms online.  The modern facilities, huge size and many amenities of this facility make it one of the top 5 gyms in London.

Central YMCA

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This gym is a favorite for those who are looking for low fees and membership rates.  It is by far the best of the top 5 gyms in London in terms of value for the services offered.  This is a great place to come for those looking for cheap gyms in London.  The equipment is modern and the facilities are up to date if a bit stark.  There are not as many fancy frills here, just a lot of well-maintained spaces and equipment.  There is a good pool for lap swimming, classes that are well-taught and several other plusses including a decent onsite café.

These gyms and almost any other will have special offers as well as free trials and passes if those seeking a membership simply seek these out on the internet or ask in person at the facility.