There are variety of creams that men can use based on what their needs are. 

Hair Growth Creams For Men

It is well known that a lot of men are confronted with a hair loss problem at one point in their lives. This is when hair loss products including creams start to be used.

 In terms of ingredients, such creams are based on a variety of ingredients. Some are homeopathic, promoting an all natural approach. Others make use of the latest science progress in dealing with this issue. Your choice is a matter of personal preference, but the best creams tend to be Minoxidil based. This is an ingredient approved by FDA and it has  produced good results, even in those affected by pattern baldness, which is genetically triggered.

 Minoxidil products come in a variety of formats. Sprays are very popular, but for those that prefer creams there are also a lot of options, such as the minoxidil 5% Cream from Bianca Rosa.

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Hair Styling Creams For Men

Men are paying more and more attention to grooming and hair has always been given a lot of attention. With so many products on the market though, it can be challenging to understand what is the best product that suits your needs.

 Finish creams are used in general  to tame the rebel hair and also to give a nice shine to your hair. There are also creams that are mainly used to hold hair, although for this purpose there is a much wider range of products available. Many men prefer to use gels for holding the hair in place, but some like the cream format more.

 A lot of the hair styling products are common for men and women, but there are also companies that offer men exclusive lines.

 Kerastase from L'Oreal is a top professional hair care brand and is the top rated brand for 2012. The company offers a huge product range for women, including creams for various purposes. Men can also use some of this products. Moreover, there is also a men line available, i.e. Kerastase Capital Force. This one does not include a cream yet, but there are other formats that can be used with similar effects.

 For those that believe they are better served by the products dedicated to men only, American Crew for example specializes only in products for men. Those interested in men hair creams can try the American Crew Forming Cream for example.

Best Brands for men hair cream

Hair Conditioning Creams

In terms of hair conditioning, there are lots of hair products available. It is important to chose one that suits your hair type well. If you have greasy hair, don't go for very rich creams developed for dry hair.

 Among the best creams are the ones that are effective, but use natural ingredients that are not harsh for the skin. Men can also use something which is the best in the category and will be the same in the year 2012 i.e Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-In Cream. This is a leave-in cream based on nourishing natural oils that improves strength. Moreover, it offers UV protection and gives hair a nice shiny look

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