It can be extremely frustrating trying to keep your curly hair pulled back in a neat pony tail when your hair does not want to cooperate. There is also nothing worse than applying handfuls of gel only to be faced with fly aways 30 minutes later. Trying to find the right hair gel that does not flake but provides a great hold, and that's all-natural may seem like a mere dream but I have some great news for you. I have found a few great options that will leave you with more great hair days. Believe it or not there are great all-natural gels in the hair market that will allow you to lay your curly hair the way you want it with no extra fuss. Here is the list of my must haves.

Eco Style Gel

Eco Style Gel

This gel has been around for a long time but I am surprised by how many people are unfamiliar with this hair saver. The eco style gel comes in a variety of strengths, 1 being the lightest and 10 being the strongest hold. The olive oil eco style gel is a fan favorite and not only will this particular gel keep your hair in its place, it will not flake or cause any itching. This is definitely a staple gel for pony tails, buns, or curl definition. The price is also wonderful!

Kinky CurlyCredit:

Kinky Curly Custard

This gel/custard is fairly new to mainstream but this product is slowly making its way to curly households all over the world. This gel is made with all organic, natural ingredients and packs one great punch. It provides a strong hold without making your hair extremely hard, and it will give your curls great shine as well. The price is about three times as high as the eco style gel but this product is worth every dollar, your hair will thank you immediately.

Lets JamCredit:

Soft-Sheen Carson Let's Jam Flexible Hold

The company, Soft-Sheen Carson has been around for decades, you can find many of their products at your local drug store. This product however, is a new addition to the product line and already making an impact. Although this product is not quiet the consistency of a gel or custard, it still provides the same kind of hold while allowing your hair to move freely. Out of all three product, this product will give your hair the most shine instantly. It also will leave your hair smelling fresh and healthy. The price is great as well, and will fall in the same price range as the eco style gel.

All three products can be found on Amazon if you are unable to find them at your local beauty store. They are all worth giving a try if you have been unsuccessful with taming those beautiful curls.