The best hair growth products for women are available without a prescription, and are surprisingly affordable.  In fact, you will often find the conditioners, shampoos, and oils are priced at under $20 per bottle, which represents quite a bargain, when you really stop to think about it.  If you are losing your hair, you might be able to stop the hair loss, slow it down, or possibly even reverse it by using some of the products listed below in this article. Take a look and see which ones are best for you.

Shampoos, Conditioners, and Other Treatments

Perhaps the most well-known and popular of all products designed to stop or reverse hair loss in men or women, is the lineup from Rogaine.  Pricing is quite reasonable overall, although there are some cheaper options out there.

You will find conditioners, shampoos, and other items available in Rogaine for women, Bosley, or other brands.  Some of the topical solution for regrowth has been highly rated by consumers, so be sure to check them out and see if their products are right for you.

Minoxidil is ultimately what is used in virtually all of the treatments you will find out there.

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Tablets for hair regrowth

There are several different companies out there making various tablets you can take to slow or stop the loss of your hair. Viviscal and NuHair are two of the more popular makers out there, but there are plenty of others to keep in mind.  You will find this type of treatment isn’t nearly as expensive, although some people have claimed not to see the same level of results.  Of course, this varies by source, so you really need to do your research before you make a selection.

Trusted Name Brands

Lipogaine, Rogaine, Bosley, NuHair, and many others are among the most well-known.  There are some generic options as well, like Equate hair growth systems.  While they are generic, they generally contain the same active ingredients, so you are quite likely to have nearly the same results as you would from a more expensive brand.  This is really more about personal preference than anything else, since some people are willing to go with a store brand and others are not.

Do These Products Work?

Yes.  But, that doesn’t mean you can go from nearly bald to having a thick, full head of hair.  In general, you will be able to slow down the loss of hair from your head and you may get some regrowth, but for the most part, according to most legitimate reviews, the results are quite limited.  Still, since some people are reporting good results, it’s probably worth giving it a shot and seeing what happens.

In general, the original products are the ones getting the best reviews online. The treatments, not the tablets and supplements seem to have better overall reviews than the rest of the products.  Take a look and see which products are the best for you and give them a try.  You never know, you just might find the right product for you.