Hair loss can be a depressing experience especially when your mane had been your pride. It is not only is embarrassing but it also lowers our self esteem. Most of us would have taken it for granted just basking in its glory but we really start to pay attention when it starts to fall. Since our hair plays a vital role in our overall appearance its only natural that we try out all the available options to prevent hair loss, or in the worst situations to disguise the loss of hair. For centuries people who grow bald as a result of hair loss resort to toupees and wigs to cover their baldness. They are not the perfect guise as they are not natural and are often the subject of humiliation. Later on these were replaced by hair pieces. But now the advancement in technology has offered us a blessing in disguise with the best hair replacement systems available.

Though medications slow down the hair fall and help in hair regrowth, sadly it often is not the case with everyone. For people who cannot grow back the lost hair in natural ways or by medication, surgical procedures like hair transplantation, scalp reduction, follicular grafting and extraction are considered to be the last resort.

Hair Transplantation

Hair replacement systems, with the aide of surgical procedures like hair transplantation and scalp reduction result in a permanent natural looking hair attached to the scalp. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves removing small pieces of scalp where hair still grows (as grafts or plugs) from a thick hair area of the head and relocating them to the balding area. This procedure dates back to the 1930's where skin and hair were transplanted from one area to another that has been disfigured by injuries during war.

Scalp Reduction

Scalp reduction is one of the other hair replacement systems available. This is often recommended to people who are looking for a dramatic change. The patient is given anesthesia before this surgical procedure. This procedure is also termed as advancement flap surgery where portions of the scalp with hair are pulled forward or advanced to fill in the bald area. The only disadvantage of this procedure is that this cannot be used to cover the frontal hairline.

Follicular Unit grafting and extraction

Follicular unit grafting is a hair replacement system that relies on placing individual hair follicles in a natural appearing fashion. The results are generally quite good and produce hairlines which are so natural that no one can tell the difference.

Follicular unit extraction, a subset of Follicular unit grafting relies on taking out follicular units from another area using individual punches instead of a continuous strip. Though there are advantages for some patients, this is significantly time consuming, costlier and can thin the donor site.

Prevention is Better than Cure

When it comes to taking care of our health and physical assets like our hair, it is always best to take good care of them while they are in their prime than crying over spilt milk. Food is often considered the best medicine and hair loss is often attributed to lack of a balanced diet. An appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals in our food helps us in maintaining a strong and healthy hair and prevents hair fall. The initial stages of hair fall should at least buzz the alarm in you so that you can treat it with proper medicine or food supplements. Medicines like finasteride, minoxidil, and brimtamoprost approved by the FDA are used to treat hair loss. But then this is only for the initial stages, and if you have crossed that time frame then one of the discussed male or women's hair replacement systems is what you should be opting for.