For years women have been plagued with having only one method to deal with their hair loss or baldness. The weapon of choice, and necessity, was the wig. Wigs worked OK when women just stayed at home and weren't too active. Of course wigs weren't the best because they still fell off at inopportune times but it was better than having a bald spot or showing thinning hair. For today's active women, though, wigs just don't make it. The women of this day and age can not be slowed down worrying about the wig falling off so they have been forced to live with their thinning hair.

This has all changed now with a new hair restoration for women procedure that is working even when women are doing activities like swimming, hiking, and skiing. This new hair treatment works great for female pattern baldness because it uses a woman's own hair and it continues to grow after the procedure is accomplished.

For years, men have been fighting male pattern baldness with the hair transplantation method. Basically this involved moving hair follicles from one area of the scalp and placing them in the bald area. With this method a cosmetic surgeon would remove a thin ribbon of skin from an area of the scalp that still had good hair growth. An assistant would then remove the individual hair follicular units and prepare them for insertion into the bald spot. When ready, the doctor would insert the hair units in such a way as to match the growth direction of the surrounding hair. This gave a very good result because the hair was a perfect match, being from the patient's own head, and if skillfully inserted it matched the direction of the surrounding hair perfectly. They key to this process, though, was having a section of scalp with thick hair growth. For women this was usually not the case.

When a women suffers bald spotting caused by female pattern baldness she usually also experiences thinning of the hair over most of the scalp. This made the procedure with hair ribbon removal not economical because there were not enough hairs per square centimeter. This problem was finally dealt with when the new follicular unit extraction method of hair restoration for women became popular. With this process each individual hair unit is removed and reinserted independently. Thus units can be removed from several areas of the scalp and even from other parts of the body and then be inserted into the bald spot. This means a women can have her own hair transplanted in the bald spot even if she is also experiencing thinning hair syndrome.

Follicular unit extractions have completely revolutionized baldness treatments for women and given them another tool instead of wigs to get back their full head of hair. If you are experiencing loss of hair then look into this method today. I think you will be amazed.