Best Halloween Costume Ideas Introduction

In this review I will be telling you some of the best Halloween costume ideas. Through out this whole review that is what I will be telling you and I know you will like at least one costume here because some of these costumes are a little scary. In Halloween most people dress up as mummies, ghosts, witches, fairies and etc. In Halloween you go to people’s houses and collect treats for yourself. This event is one of the children’s favourite events (after Christmas). Instead of buying a costume why don’t youHalloween Costumes be unique and make your own costume (even though you will need to buy your own materials and you will need an adult to help you as well). The reason I am telling you to create your own costumes is because it’s better when you and your friends have a different costume other wise it will look very dull if your wearing the same thing as some one else and that’s a bit boring don’t you think? Well I definitely think so. Carry on reading if you would like to learn a bit about some of these costumes and don’t you worry if you can’t wear this costume now because you can wear it the next time you go for trick or treating.

Avatar Neytiri costume:

This costume is set out like a jump suit and you’re going to need a small grey apronAvatar Neytiri Costume to complete this look. This costume is only suitable for girls. If a grown up/ teenager would ever like to wear this costume then I suggest that you get lots of material. To make this costume better face paint your face blue, get a blue tail, get some lovely blue shoes and if you want you could even paint your hand blue so that it looks more realistic. This costume is great for a girl who is a big fan of Avatar.

Monster bride costume:

This look is like a punk, girly, monster look. Lots of people will be so jealous with this look because it is an amazing look and if you don’t like the coloMonster Bride Costumeur green then you can get the same kind of material but in a different colour such as: Blue, pink, purple, silver, gold, yellow, red, orange and etc. As the base of the costume is a dress I suggest you get a lovely top hat (colour which suits your dress) and then tie a black ribbon around it, get a black bag with a skeleton picture on it, wear white tights with some kind of skeleton design, wear red leg warmers on top of your tights, wear a white top (which goes with your tights) underneath your dress, wear a pair of fluffy black boots and finally get some long white gloves which show your fingers. If you want (this is optional) then you can wear some accessories such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and etc.

Pink super girl costume:

This costume is great for girls who are a super hero fan. This costume requires two cPink Super Girl Costumeolours which are silver and any other colour of your choice which might be blue, green pink, purple, gold, red, yellow orange and etc. For this costume you will need a lovely dress with an attached cape (in the colour you choose), a big silver belt for every one to grab your attention, some lovely boots (with the colour you choose) and you can wear tights if you want but I suggest you don’t because it may look a little bit to weird. Carry on reading if you would like to find out what are the best Halloween costume ideas for boys?

Harry Potter costume:

This is going to be a great costume especially if you like plain costumes. This costume really represents a robe but to make it even more special you can add a few adjustments. Delux Harry Potter Robe CostumeInside the robe wear a plain white T- shirt with a tie, some black plain trousers, your robe has to be a dark denim colour or just black and try and find a robe with a school logo or some thing, Wear some black plain shoes (trainers not included), a fake wooden wand and finally to top it up a bit why don’t you wear an old pair of glasses/ specs.

Transformers bumble bee costume:

This costume is great for boys who are into suTransformers Bumble Bee Costumeper heroes. This costume is basically a jump suit which is attached to some foam chest and your upper arms. You’ll need to get your self two foam cuffs for each hand, and finally a character mask for the Transformer bumble bee costume.

Ben 10 spider monkey costume:

This costume is great for boys who are a big Ben 10 fan. The whole point of this cosBen 10 Spider Monkey Costumetume is that it has to have a blue jump suit. The thing that will make this costume much better is if you get some muscle padded chest to make you look stronger, get a blue tail (but if you get a tail with your jump suit it doesn’t matter), a character mask for the spider monkey, get some blue additional arms and I suggest you wear some blue plimsolls (can be black or blue but I think blue would look much better).

Batman costume:

This costume is great especially if you are a huge batman fan. The whole point of thisBatman Costume(62526) costume is the jump suit. Most of the times when you buy a Batman jump suit it comes with muscle chest and an attached boot tops, get a black plain cape, a Batman belt and a Batman head mask.


Well I hope that you have had fun reading all about this fascinating information and facts about Best Halloween Costume ideas for boys and girls. I also hope that you have found an idea/ costume (and you can even combine some of the costumes which will make your costume look really unique but if you don’t want to be too creative then you don’t have to) from this article which is telling you about the best Halloween costume ideas.