Parents attempting to come up with ideas for their children's Halloween costumes need to take into account the differences between boys and girls when it comes to costume preferences. Keep in mind that every child is unique, and make sure to take your child's individuality into consideration when deciding on Halloween costumes for boys.

It is common to use premade or traditional Halloween costumes for boys who are younger. This is easy for parents, since most department and local stores sell premade costumes for traditional characters, such as ghosts or mummies, inexpensively.

However, do make sure to consider your son's preferences to engage him in the process and get him excited about the occasion. Older boys often have ideas for Halloween costumes they would like to wear.

Be sure to ask your child's opinion before coming up with costume ideas. Many boys appreciate nonspecific costumes that are not Halloween related, such as a football player or fire fighter. Others would prefer to dress as a specific character from a favorite movie, television show or book.

If your son is having difficult coming up with ideas for a creative Halloween costume, ask him if he has a group of friends who would be interested in dressing up as a group of characters from a popular movie, book or television show.

Generally, boys are not as excited about the process of making a costume as girls may be, although this generalization does not apply in all cases. Most boys also are not particularly meticulous about the details of their costumes.

This makes it simple for parents to purchase Halloween costumes for boys premade without having to add much specific detail. Although many boys enjoy wearing benign costumes, such as dressing up as certain types of athletes or occupations, many also enjoy wearing costumes that are scarier or more Halloween oriented than many that girls enjoy (angels, princesses, etc.).

For this reason, a few words of caution are in order. First of all, if your son is wearing his costume to school, take note of school rules. Many schools have guidelines for Halloween costumes and require that they do not include specific features, such as blood, pretend guns, knives and other weapons or certain wording on the costume.

If your son wants to wear a costume that represents a specific character from a popular movie, television show or book, it is the parents' responsibility to research this character and know what the costume represents and what the character is from.

Boys generally do become excited about their costumes if they are something he can be proud of or something that is popular for his age and culture. For this reason, do consider allowing your son to wear a costume to a different location that he may not be allowed to wear to school.

School is not the only option for children to show off their costumes to peers. For one thing, many people get to see children's costumes when they go trick-or-treating. Also look into other options, such as community parties and gatherings.

If your child's Halloween costume has only one small alteration that needs to be made for him or her to wear it to school, you can usually remove a piece and add it on later in the night for other events. For example, a school may not allow grim reaper costumes to include plastic scythes, but neighbors that boys encounter while trick-or-treating will likely not likely be offended, so you can add this part of the costume later, when appropriate.

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